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2020 TiananCyberpark Network Cloud Direct Employment

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2020 Tianan CyberparkNetwork Cloud Direct Employment


During the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to help TiananCyber Park and surrounding companies solve their recruitment problems, a public welfare network recruitment meeting is now held. By establishing an online supply and demand platform for recruitment companies and job seekers, a boutique talent recruitment conference will be held to take into account surrounding migrant workers, graduates recruitment activities, builds a platform for companies to hire and labor to find jobs.


Main organizer: TiananCyberPark

Organizers: Bel-Esprit Top-talent Recruiting(Jiangsu) Co. Ltd

Activity time: 2020.3.10 — 4.10

Resume delivery: 

(Please indicate the delivery company's booth number, job title, health code. There will be someone to contact and arrange an interview.)

Contact: Mr. Tang 17766218056 (same number on WeChat)


Participating enterprises (continuously updated):

001 、 Changzhou JinchikeMedical Devices Co., Ltd.

(The company is a Class III medical device operating company specializing in oral equipment, implants, and consumables. The company isthe sole agent of the Hong Kong Ai Jiesi comprehensive treatment instrument, Guilin woodpecker ultrasonic cleaning products, Seamer microscope system, Italy Catani positive and negative pressure system , Sino-German joint venture Haetmed sterilization equipment, Israel Yading planting system, South Korea Snucone planting system, Kirier invisible correction and other products in Changzhou.)

Recruitment position: marketing, sales representative 5 people

Job Responsibilities:

1. Under the leadership and supervision of superiors, complete quantitative work regularly, and be able to independently handle and solve the tasks in charge;

2. Manage customer relationships and complete sales tasks;

3. Understand and explore customer needs and purchase desires, introduce the advantages and characteristics of our products;

4. Provide professional consultation to customers;

5. Collect potential customer information;

6. Collect accounts receivable.

Benefits: professional training, transportation subsidies, performance bonuses, year-end bonuses, employee travel, overseas opportunities, catering subsidies, communication subsidies, flexible work, holiday benefits, etc.                  

Treatment: 3.5K / month (3 months) during training; 3.5K + commission after conversion

Working hours: 8: 30-16: 30; rest vacation: one and a half days off every week (Saturday afternoon + Sunday)


002 、 Changzhou Beiyesi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

(Changzhou Bayes Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence technology. The core team of the company graduated from the British Optoelectronics Research and Development Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,have worked as a key engineer in domestic and foreign enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, China Electronics Technology Group, Finisar, etc.And accumulated nearly 30 years of industry experience.

We are determined to deeply combine advanced artificial intelligence technology with vertical industries to create an internationally leading professional service robot solution provider. )

Recruitment position 1: Algorithm engineer .1-2 people.10-15K / month

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the design, development and optimization of machine learning, deep learning and other algorithms to solve the needs of actual business scenarios;

2. Responsible for the advanced research in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, motion control and other algorithms, and maintain the leading edge of the algorithm in industry and academia;

3. Responsible for the writing of documents such as architecture design, R & D design, and technical submission.

job requirements:

1. Key undergraduate degree or above, with more than 2 years of work experience, computer and other related majors are preferred;

2. Have a deep understanding of deep learning algorithms and be familiar with common deep learning frameworks;

3. Proficiency in C ++ or Python language, good programming skills, familiar with common data structures, algorithms and design patterns;

4. Have good object-oriented ideas, architecture design capabilities and code writing specifications, and have a strong focus on stability and performance;

5. Strong logic analysis, problem location, mathematical reasoning ability, curiosity and fast learning ability, with independent system and product development and design capabilities.


Recruitment position 2: Sales manager. 5-10K / month + commission

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the company's overall strategy, establish and maintain regional sales channels to achieve sales goals;

2. Responsible for market development of service robots, developing regional agents and integrators;

3. According to customer needs, provide customers with industry solutions;

4. Assist market promotion and brand promotion, collect and feedback market dynamic information;

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or science and engineering;

2. Possess a good professional image, clear and agile thinking, keen market sense and good negotiation skills;

3. Practical work, strong sense of responsibility, ability to work under pressure, integrity and honesty;

4. Familiar with service robot industry, integrators or related industry resources or sales experience is preferred;

5. Those with resources in government, finance, real estate, education and other industries are preferred.



Recruitment position 3 : Software Engineer. 1-2people .    5-10K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Analysis and design of system requirements, development of core modules;

2. According to the development progress and task allocation, complete the development, programming and testing tasks of the corresponding modules.

3. Guide junior development colleagues to work, solve key problems, and find technical solutions.

job requirements:

1. Proficient in python language has solid coding ability;

2. Familiar with HTML / CSS / Javascript and other web front-end development technologies;

3. Familiar with common Python service frameworks, including but not limited to Flask, Django, etc .;

4. Familiar with common storage solutions, including but not limited to MySQL , MongoDB , HBase , Ceph, etc .;

5. Have good programming ideas, communication, teamwork spirit, excellent problem analysis and problem solving skills; have a strong sense of responsibility.


Recruitment position 4 : Senior Human Resource Specialist .1-2 people.   5-10k

Job description:

1. According to the company's rules and regulations and the company's development needs, formulate administrative management systems, sort out work processes, and standardize daily administrative work modules;

2. Strengthen and inherit company values through measures such as cadre management, performance management, incentive management, and continuous communication;

3. Effectively manage employee relations and enhance employee engagement; legal employment and create a harmonious business environment;

4. Reasonably plan HR key tasks, effectively operate AT , and improve the quality and efficiency of human resources work

5. Reception project work: reception and arrangement of various meetings, training, and visits, involving accommodation, catering, transportation, venue layout, etc.

job requirements:

1. Two years or more HR experience in the technology industry ;

2. Bachelor degree or above, human resources, psychology, computer, electronics and other related majors;

3. Familiar with relevant labor laws and regulations, proficient in human resources management system knowledge;

4. Work proactively, with good motivation, motivation and understanding.


Post benefits:

1. The core team graduated from top-ranking universities at home and abroad, led by industry leaders, and the development prospects of the company are good;

2. The company develops rapidly and the atmosphere is harmonious, which can provide a stage for young people with ideas;

3. Once a week of group building activities, the company provides snacks, fruits and dinner.


003 、 Jiangsu Jiuying Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

Recruitment positions: Telemarketing Specialist (telephone customer service) 10

Job Responsibilities:

1. Clients invited by telephone, including event invitations, direct bank promotion;

2. Rely on customer resources to communicate with customers, reach sales performance indicators, and provide comprehensive services to customers;

3. Answer customer inquiries and needs.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, 18-35 years old, fresh students are also acceptable, male or female;

2. Putonghua standard, clear speaking, strong language expression ability;      

3. Cheerful personality, positive, strong affinity and patience;

4. Be healthy and able to withstand certain work pressure;

5. Finance major is preferred, and sales experience in the financial industry is preferred.


    No responsibility base salary + high commission + performance + five insurance + paid annual leave + travel + monthly meal + birthday benefits


004, Changzhou WujinRuikang Occupational Safety Medical Examination Center

It is the first professional medical examination institution to obtain the occupational examination qualification of Jiangsu Province within the jurisdiction of Changzhou City. It is a medical examination that provides high-end health examinations, occupational health examinations, health certificate examinations for employees, health file management, and occupational health guidance. mechanism. The institution is located in Building B, Tianan Digital City, Wujin National High-tech Zone, with an area of more than 3,150 square meters. There are more than 80 medical staff (8 chief physicians, 5 provincial occupational disease diagnosis experts, and 5 deputy chief physicians). All kinds of equipment and facilities are advanced and complete. There are 32 CT rows of Philips, 1 capsule gastroscope, 2 DR units, 3 DR medical examination vehicles, 1 Beckman AU680 automatic biochemical analyzer, 3 imported five-class hematology analyzers, and Japanese Erlang God. High-end physical examination equipment such as 5 sets of color Doppler ultrasound, American GE and other brands, 5 sets of Japan's Foton's arteriosclerosis tester, 5 sets of Japan's Foton's electrocardiogram, 4 sets of Danish electrical audiometry, BMTech bone densitometer, body composition analyzer, C14 breathing tester. The organization also invited relevant experts from provinces and cities to set up Changzhou Occupational Safety Research Institute to conduct research on the common diseases found in the current physical examination.

Recruitment position 1: 2 radiologists. around 8K / month

Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the director of the department to carry out radiological diagnosis and treatment related work.

Second, implement the relevant laws and regulations of radiotherapy and the rules and regulations of the undergraduate department.

3. Complete the project of illuminating and darkroom within the scope of responsibility.

4. Instruct the lower-level medical technicians, training personnel in projecting and darkroom technical work.

5. Participate in the health monitoring and safety protection of radiation workers.

job requirements

1. University degree or above, medical imaging major, junior technician or licensed doctor or above;
2. Two years or more clinical work experience in the same post in a regular hospital;
3. Possess a large equipment job certificate;
4. Have equipment operations such as DR, CT, MRI, etc. Working experience, prioritize analysis report;

Recruitment position 2: 5 nurses .around 5K / month

Job Responsibilities

1. According to the work plan of the nursing department, complete the work tasks on time and quality. Report regularly to the head nurse to provide accurate information.
2. Careful nursing work system and aseptic technical operation rules to prevent mistakes.
3. Do a good job in disinfection and isolation, carry out bacterial cultivation of air and hands, identify disinfection effects and standardize management of disposable medical supplies.
4. Strengthen nursing business learning, and seriously participate in theoretical and technical assessments held by the nursing department.

job requirements

Nursing professional, with a nurse certificate;

2. Have more than 1 year nursing experience;

3. Familiar with hospital business processes, routines and systems, dare to be responsible, good at coordination and communication;
4. Have professional spirit, full of passion for work, and strong team awareness.


Recruitment position 3: 1 anorectal doctor .about 30K / month

job requirements

1. Major in medical surgery.

2. More than 3 years of clinical work experience in anorectal department, professional title of doctor or above.

3. Love and dedication, strong sense of responsibility;

4. Be able to skillfully complete all kinds of anorectal examinations, treatments and various anorectal instruments minimally invasive surgery.

5. The relevant certificates are complete and can be registered and changed.

6. Those with work experience in private hospitals are preferred.

7. Work with a certificate, solid medical technology, good conduct, and love and dedication.


005. "Hao Xiang 7" catering chain

(The first restaurant of "Hao Xiang 7" restaurant chain opened on September 20, 2013. In 2015, it integrated the brand and established Jiangsu Carpenter Legend Catering Management Co., Ltd. Now it includes Hao Xiang 7 Chinese fast food and Hao Xiang 7 bigrestaurant and other independent catering brands are a catering management company integrating training center, procurement center, distribution center, and operation management center. There are 24 stores in total. Changzhou has WujinTianan Digital City Store, Xuefu Road Store, Nanhe Garden Store, South 11 stores including Yuan Community Store, Lijia Store, Henglin Store, YaoguanHeyuan Store and HutangGuangdian Store.)

Recruitment position 1: Finance Supervisor / Manager 6-7K / month

Job responsibilities: Supervise the financial work of the company headquarters

Job requirements: experience in the financial management of chain enterprises in the service industry

Work location: company headquarters (WujinTiananCyber Park)

Recruitment position 2: Finance 4-5K / month

Responsibilities: Statistics and analysis of the financial data of the company's 24 stores

Job requirements: financial industry working experience of chain enterprises in service industry

Work location: company headquarters (WujinTiananCyber Park)

Recruitment position 3: Chef / Product Development 8-12K / Month

Job responsibilities: product development in 11 stores in Changzhou

Job requirements: the same job experience in the fast food chain industry

Work location: company headquarters (WujinTiananCyber Park)

Recruitment position 4: Operations Manager / Assistant General Manager 8-10K / month

Job Responsibilities: Assist the general manager to take charge of the company's operation and management

Work location: company headquarters (WujinTiananCyber Park)

Recruitment position 5: Store positions (store managers, supervisors, cashiers, waiters, chefs at all levels, cut and match, training and appointment levels)

Job requirements: Any professional, age, partner already in the catering industry

Work location: After the headquarters training, all stores in Changzhou will be allocated

Recruitment position 6: store reserve (high school degree or above, no limit to major, age, experience, partners who want to engage in the catering industry. Training to set the job level)

Work location: After the headquarters training, all stores in Changzhou will be allocated


006 Changzhou Tengyu Cultural Media Co., Ltd.

(Tengyu is an innovative company specializing in live video broadcasting. The company's core team specializes in filming, screenwriting, and live broadcast operations. It has accumulated nearly 5 years of industry experience. We are determined to build a modern network, artists, and slaps.

Recruitment positions: 10-20 beautiful anchors

Recruitment: anchor and live broadcast operations!

1. The artist is 18 to 35 years old, loves the live broadcast industry, has a cheerful personality, dares to express himself, and is good at an active atmosphere. Cool dog live broadcast content must strictly abide by laws and regulations! With or without work experience, the company provides professional training for free!

2. Flexible working hours, 180 hours per month (average 7 hours per day), working hours can be self-allocated, 3500-18000 guaranteed, 70% commission (excluding platform fees and taxes), sign a formal contract to protect all your rights and interests.

3. The company has rich welfare benefits, provides various snacks and tea, organizes various entertainment activities such as dinners and tours from time to time, 5A-level office environment, and a young office atmosphere.

4. The purpose of the union: green live broadcast! Send the singer! Create a celebrity! Train artists! We look forward to your joining!

5. Recruitment operation-work experience is preferred


007 Jiangsu ** Auto Lamp Co., Ltd.

(The company was founded in June 1995, is a professional manufacturing company integrating R & D, production and sales of automotive and motorcycle lamps. The main customers are Shenyang Brilliance, Shanghai Automobile, Fujian New Dragon Horse, Huatai, Suzuki, Jiangmen Grand Changjiang, LinhaiYamaha , Italy Piaggio, Italy ASKOLL, etc., and won many awards. The company has passed ISO9001 / 2000 and ISO / TS16949 international quality management system certification; the company's products have passed 3C, E-mark, DOT certification. There are automated injection molding machines , PC surface light curing production line, robot coating, robot spraying room, vacuum coating film, lamp assembly line, and more than 100 sets of lamps, with an annual production capacity of 6 million car lights. It also has an independent laboratory and lamp testing station. The advanced testing equipment needed can measure ECE, SAE, JIS. The main testing equipments are: European specification light distribution machine, vibrator, rain test machine, salt spray test machine, high and low temperature test machine, constant temperature and humidity machine, weather resistance machine Wait.)

Recruitment position 1: Purchasing supervisor 8-9K / month

1. Can be responsible for team building
2. Responsible for production procurement and ordering, communicate with the supplier on delivery as required
3. ERP system exception handling
4. Timely processing of no supplier invoices, etc.
5. Strong pressure resistance and good communication ability Proficient in ERP software.

Recruitment position 2: Structural design of car lights     7-10K / month

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the production of three-dimensional data of pre-products.
2. Lead the design of 3D digital and analog.
3. Organize relevant personnel to conduct a design review of the digital model and form a review summary.
4. Participate in the review of customer standards.
5. Participate in rapid sample review and approval.
6. After the product design is completed, the design data will be approved / confirmed on site / written or by phone with the customer to reduce data errors.
7. Participate in the trial production of the product (before OTS), and include the problem points in the trial production in the FMEA file.
8. OTS approval and signing of the parts responsible for design.
9. The design changes are proposed, and when confirmed, the "design change list" is prepared and submitted to the technical clerk for approval after approval by the minister.
10. Summarize the project design stage and submit a summary report.
1, familiar with drawing software, there are more than 5 years mechanical parts or car lights exterior / structural design experience, can be a positive development for lights products: from product design to initial prototyping;
2, familiar lights, car The mold design for injection parts requires a strong practical ability for curved surfaces and three-dimensional, as well as a certain sense of ability for Japanese, European and American car manufacturers for model design. Skills require familiarity with Catia or UG.

Recruitment position 3: System engineer    8K / month

1. More than 2 years of relevant work experience; 
2. Responsible for the preparation, management and operation of the company's relevant system documents; preparation of operation instructions; 
3. Responsible for the internal audit and corrective action tracking of the relevant management system, and the correction and tracking of unqualified items in external audit; 
4. Familiar with management system certification (ISO9000, TS16949), familiar with 3C certification, etc .;


008 、 ** Plastic Packaging (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

(Foreign-funded enterprises in the pharmaceutical packaging industry)

Recruitment position: quality manager 20-22K / month

Monitor, analyze, improve and track the quality of the production process ; Monitor, analyze, improve and track of the quality of production process.
2. Participate in the formulation and tracking of the implementation of corrective and improvement measures;
Participate in the formulation and follow-up of corrective and improvement measures
Responsible for new product delivery process and follow up the approval progress of delivery
4. Responsible for new product delivery process and follow up the approval progress of delivery 4.
Manage the quality documents
5. Responsible for new product delivery process and follow up the approval progress of delivery of judging
Responsible for judgment of the product of the process the nonconforming
6. the embodiments and audit organizations (external and internal audit review);
the organize and implement audit (internal and external)
7. the customer complaints, analyze the reasons, improvements determined, monitoring the progress of implementation
Deal with customer complaints, analyze the reasons , determine improvement measures, and monitor the implementation progress
Supplier Qualification Review, Supplier and Raw Material Accreditation, dealing with Supplier Complaints
Communication with customer and supplier ; Communication with customer and supplier 
10. Implementation changes Management
Handle with change management
Handle with deviation management
12. Monthly department target collection and tracking;
Monthly department target collection and tracking
Work with all relevant departments to formulate and track continuous improvement measures; Work with all relevant departments to develop and track measures for continuous improvement
Control of defective raw materials , work in progress and finished products; Control of defective raw materials, manufactured goods and finished products
15. Review the organization's quality management system to ensure its continued suitability, Sufficiency and effectiveness.
Evaluate the organization's quality management system to ensure its sustainability, adequacy and effectiveness

or above major in Science about Mechanism
2. 5-6 years working experience in manufacturing industry; 2 years or more manufacturing industry survey or site management experience
At least 5-6 years working experience in manufacturing Industrial and at least 2 year in Quality engineer or Shopfloor management


009 、 Changzhou ** New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

(The company is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of plastic modification and engineering plastic alloys. The company has 4 experimental lines, 44 production lines and a large number of imported testing equipment of KraussMaffeiBerstorff in Germany It is a series of products such as modified nylon materials, modified polypropylene, modified ABS and PC / ABS materials.)

Recruitment position: production manager 200,000-400,000 / year

Job Responsibilities
1. Fully responsible for the production, safety management and equipment management of modified plastic devices;
1. Polymer materials, chemical engineering, machinery, computer software engineering or automatic control;
2. Bachelor degree or above, very experienced The rich can relax;
3. Age 35-50 years old;
4. More than 3 years of experience in the middle or above positions of production management in the modified plastics industry;
5. Large-scale modified plastics enterprises (Fengfa, Pulit, Dawn, China En etc.) Experience in the same position is preferred;
6. Lead the modified plastic production process (arrangement, preparation, metering, mixing, extrusion, cooling, pelletizing, homogenization, quality inspection, packaging, storage), can be depicted Provide the above process nodes and operation methods;
7. Lead the production management of modified plastics (delivery time, quality, cost, material consumption, equipment, process, automatic control, etc.), personally engaged in at least 3 of these professional work, understand 6Sigma , 5S and other related management methods;
8, proficient in screw combination, temperature control and other key modification processes;
9, participated in the quality management system review.


010 、 Changzhou ** Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

(The company specializes in the production of various types of hybrid stepper motors, DC brushless motors, low-voltage servo motors and related drivers. It produces more than 4 million motors per year. In addition, our company has several joint venture factories that specialize in the production of various types of AC servo motors. , Permanent magnet stepper motors, brushed DC motors, two-phase and three-phase AC motors, various types of gearbox motors, the annual sales of all types of motors exceed 5 million units. The products are widely used in automation, robotics, textile, printing , Packaging, medical machinery, sewing equipment, communications, home appliances, automobiles and other industries, are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Russia, etc.)

Recruitment position 1: Senior R & D engineer of servo drive 200,000-300,000 / year

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the preparation of the PMSM servo motor control algorithm;
2. Responsible for product hardware cost control, risk control and quality control;
3. Responsible for pre-product prototype debugging and solving technical problems in the production process; 
4. Responsible for the technical direction check of the servo drive and Continuous improvement;
5. Provide technical support for other departments.

Job requirements:
1. Master degree or above in motor control, automation and other related majors, Ph.D. or working experience in a foreign company with servo motor control unit is preferred;
2. 5 years or more experience in servo or inverter related industry development, can independently undertake control Software development work, those who have done molding products are preferred;
3. Proficient in ARM or DSP software design, proficient in c / c ++ language, KEIL, IAR, CCS or one of the development environments, and have good programming habits;
4. Familiar with uCOS ,FreeRTOS, RTThread, RTX or one of the embedded software operating system programming and development;
5. Build a hardware platform based on ARM or other embedded systems, familiar with industrial bus communication, power drive control and peripheral circuit design, hardware debugging, etc .;
6. Proficient in motor drag theory, understand the structure and manufacturing process of DC brushless, AC servo, and hybrid stepper motors.
7. Physical and mental health, no bad habits.

Recruitment position 2: Senior motor development engineer 200,000-300,000 / year

Job requirements: 
1. Master degree or above, major in motor and electrical related, more than 5 years of experience in independent motor development: 
2. English level 6, proficient in listening, speaking and writing; 
3. Proficiency in AutoCAD, PROE, CORE and other drawing software; 
4. Proficiency in electromagnetic field analysis using ANSOFT, etc .; 
5. Familiar with project management; 
6. Have a good teamwork spirit, have good communication and coordination ability and anti-stress ability, can stand alone;
7. Physical and mental health, no bad Hobby
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the structure and electromagnetic design of new motor products
2. Responsible for the preparation of the project plan and follow-up work of the plan; 
3. Completing the production and testing of the prototype; 
4. Responsible for preparing the motor product test plan and assisting the test; 
5 .Assist motor manufacturing process engineer to develop process; 
6.Assist production to establish production line; 
7.Assist quality to analyze after-sales problems and improve; 
8.Complete other work formulated by superior.


011 、 Changzhou ** Group Co., Ltd.

(The company mainly deals in PVC films; rubber and plastic films; air-conditioning cable ties; raincoat films; abrasive film; matting film; pearl film; silver film; glass decals; polyester fabric.)

Recruitment position: foreign trade supervisor

1. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, can communicate
with customers smoothly 2. Familiar with foreign trade process, can master the overall process and method of using network resources to find customers; Familiar with the operation of B2B promotion platform;
3. Textile, dyeing and finishing, printing Other related fabric knowledge is preferred.
4. Fabric and marketing majors are preferred, with 1-2 years of work experience;
5. Have a good teamwork spirit, have a high degree of execution, can withstand strong work pressure, and have strong stability.

1. Salary criteria: the level of business capacity, from 10 million annual salary, no ceiling
2. The company is industry and trade enterprises, there are more foreign exhibitors and customers to directly face to face networking opportunities
3. Provide room and board
4. Enjoy country Statutory Holidays and Five Insurances and One Payment


012 、 ** Medical Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

(The company focuses on the manufacture and assembly of components that are processed from materials such as liquid silicone rubber and high plasticized polyvinyl chloride.)

Recruitment position: Slow wire cutting 8-10K / month

1. Complete all assigned job and make sure manufacturing record on time & meet quality requirement.
Strictly follow the drawings to ensure quality, quantity, and complete work tasks on time and make processing records.
2. Daily inspect the consuming parts, and check the storage of spare parts.
Check the spare parts of machine tool wearing parts and consumer goods every day.
3. Keep raw material, drawing, tool orderly placed, maintain work table & floor tidy.
Keep the raw and auxiliary materials workpieces, drawings, and workload in an orderly manner, keep the tabletop tidy, and keep the ground clean and hygienic.
4. Timely handle with scrap material (copper, molybdenum wire), place in assigned area. The
waste should be disposed of in time, and the waste copper wire / molybdenum wire should be reported to the team leader in a timely manner and released (referring to) the designated location.
5. Complete the assigned work by leader
6. Proficient in operating Sodick QA wire cutting machine. Can skillfully operate Sodick AQ series slow wire. Excellent
treatment, experience with Sodick series machine is preferred

013 Changzhou ** Technology Co., Ltd.

(The company is a private high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing system solutions for manufacturing fine chemicals, special equipment and services. It was incorporated in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1998. The registered capital has reached more than 80 million yuan and the net assets Nearly 200 million. As of the end of October 2018, the company has 61 patents, including 19 authorized invention patents, 2 appearance patents, and 40 utility model patents. There are also 2 soft patents. The products provided by system solutions include: Metal and non-metal processing cutting and cutting fluids, metal and non-metal cleaning agents, surface functional treatment agents between metal and non-metal processes, novel functional coating materials for metal and non-metal, water treatment agents and special equipment surrounding the above chemicals Business areas cover automotive parts, construction machinery and machinery manufacturing, LED and LCD, glass and optical products, photovoltaics, metal processing, home appliances, agricultural machinery and other fields.)

Recruitment position: Sales engineer 60,000-150,000 / year

1. Under 40 years old, college degree or above, major in mechanics, chemistry, science and engineering, marketing, etc.
2. One or more years of sales experience in industrial products, including those with anti-corrosion coating materials and coating generation processing sales priority. Its pioneering business model is mainly developed by end customers, and those with experience in the auto parts industry are particularly preferred.
3. Familiar with fastener industry standards, surface treatment process and process, industrial coating application process and process is preferred.
4. Proficiency in the use of office software, love sales work, with a high degree of work enthusiasm, positive work attitude, good communication and coordination ability and pressure resistance.


014 、 ** Clothing Co., Ltd

(The company is a large-scale private scientific and technological enterprise that focuses on the research and development and production of textiles and apparel, is supported by brand and technological innovation, and integrates science, industry and trade. The company is committed to the introduction and acquisition of international brands such as fashion, mother and baby , A comprehensive platform enterprise for retail operation and management services. The company now has the resources and talent allocation advantages of vertical industry chains such as brand planning, product design and development, sales channel development, retail terminal operation management, rapid supply chain and e-commerce operations. The stores are located in all economically developed provinces and cities in China, and have gradually entered the retail markets of developed countries such as Europe and Asia.)

Recruitment position: marketing planning manager 300,000-500,000 / year

Job requirements:
1. Digital marketing capabilities, KOL cross-border collaboration, improve brand awareness and influence,
2. Accurately grasp user needs, combine product characteristics, formulate explosive marketing strategies
3, plan and execute company marketing and ordering activities
、 Establish a good and long-term cooperative relationship with various media and other external resources


015 、 ** Electrician (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

(The company is an investment company of a European listed company in China. Since its foothold in the Chinese market, the company is committed to providing consumers with a more comfortable and high-quality life and providing users with more effective solutions. Guided by Chinese demand and relying on European technology, through independent research and development and the exchange and cooperation of Chinese and Western technologies, it has developed into a professional manufacturer and technical service provider with unique advantages in the electrical, electronic, and energy-saving technology industries in the Chinese market; It has also initially achieved the localization goal of "trinity" of design, production, sales and service in China.)

Recruitment position: Tooling business manager 60,000-120,000 / year

Responsible for the brand promotion, product sales and customer service of the company's electrical products in Changzhou construction and installation, interior decoration.
The specific contents are as follows:
1. Responsible for the comprehensive implementation and implementation of the company's marketing policies, preparing the annual sales plan, market development, product promotion plan and monthly marketing plan of the engineering business sector under its jurisdiction;
2. Responsible for the realization of the sales targets of the business segment under its jurisdiction, and Achievement of various marketing KPI indicators;
3. Responsible for new customer development and contract review, compliance signing of various contracts / agreements;
4. Responsible for target customers' marketing, business training, marketing services, customer networking meetings, etc. Organization and implementation of work;
5. Responsible for guiding, helping, serving, supervising the formulation and implementation of clients' brand promotion, product promotion, advertising promotion, terminal image construction, etc .;
6. Responsible for the public relations work of developers, design institutes, and tooling companies ;
7, is responsible for guidance, supervision, assessment under the business development, marketing and maintenance expenses and other items;
8, members of the management responsible for collection of customer receivables within the jurisdiction;
9, is responsible for understanding and peer competition policy market dynamics, timely feedback and proposed countermeasures;
10, responsible for the area within the emergency Report, coordination, processing and so on;
11, to accept the company's management and assessment, subject to the higher authorities of the deployment, execution, completion of the company's temporary work assignment.
Relevant requirements:
1. Education requirements: college degree or above;
2. Professional: unlimited, with science and engineering, marketing priority;
3. Experience requirements: electrical and electrical materials, plumbing and building materials, lighting fixtures, decoration materials and other related industry experience ;
4. Those with real estate developer project cooperation, design institute, tooling project cooperation experience are preferred;
5. Have a certain copywriting, PPT and EXCEL foundation, have a strong ability to explain the plan;
6. Love sales, positive, cheerful and enthusiastic, with a strong sense of responsibility and pressure resistance;


016, Jiangsu ** Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

(** The holding group was founded in 2005 and is located in Wujin High-tech Zone, Changzhou, China. In 2015, based on industry development trends, the company established Jiangsu ** Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and established two R & D centers for brushless motors and controllers. A manufacturing base with a capacity of 2 million sets. The company is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of China's leading high-voltage brushless motors and controllers. It has dozens of patents for software and hardware inventions, and has a matching precision structure and drive control for brushless motors and controllers And other related design solutions and overall solution capabilities of manufacturing. The company's core technology is used in many fields such as power tools, personal care, home appliances, and automobiles, and strives to become a leader in the brushless motor and control technology industry.)

Recruitment position: Electronic lock structure design engineer 100,000-120,000 / year

Shared electric car battery lock, seat bag lock, faucet lock structure design
1. Relevant college degree or above, mechanical design and related majors;
2. Electronic lock or small parts transmission design experience;
3. Good communication and coordination skills ;
4. Good conduct, hard work and hard work.


017, Changzhou ** Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

(The company specializes in the processing and production of precision parts such as cold extrusion, warm extrusion, CNC, etc. With more than 350 precision production and testing equipment, it has successfully passed IATF16949: 2016, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2015, BSOHSAS18001: 2007 Management system certification, with professional team, core technology, advanced technology and excellent quality, create value for customers.)

Recruitment position: quality manager 15-20 million / year

1. Formulate product quality inspection standards, product information feedback, and statistical processes;
2. Monitor product quality throughout the process, including raw material input quality inspection, production process quality control, and finished product shipment inspection;
3. Responsible for organizing quality inspection Organize the original data, analyze the quality control and monthly quality analysis work, compile quality dynamic reports as quality information to reflect the problems in production;
4. Organize the establishment of relevant systems, standards and procedures for quality management, quality inspection and quality assessment;
5 , Implement the supplier's regular review work to deal with customer complaints;
6. Organize regular product inspections on the quality management of each process, and be responsible for checking and evaluating the report of the quality responsibility of each workshop;


018 、 Changzhou ** Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

(The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of resolvers and decoder circuits. The products are maturely used in new energy main drive motors, EPS brushless motors, permanent magnet high-speed rail traction motors, etc. , CRRC, Nidec, China Aerospace, KDS, Jiangte Electric, Xiangdian Group, Dongfeng Motor, BAIC New Energy, Dalian Electric, Shanghai Electric Drive, and Huayu Electric. Changzhou Huaxuan is a domestic new energy One of the few companies in the automotive field that can realize the replacement of imported transformers and industrialized supply of resolvers.)

Recruitment position: Structural engineer 6-8K / month

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the structural design of the sensor, determine the structural design plan for the developed new product; 
2. Draw product assembly drawings and tooling drawings, conduct structural design, calculation and drawing verification for the development of new products;
3. Archive and organize the drawings;
4. Responsible for new product testing, installation and debugging work with customers.
5. Collect relevant product information, and clarify product technical indicators and design requirements.
6. Provide technical support for the company's products;

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical or electromechanical, more than 1 year of structural and mechanical design experience, with a mold foundation is preferred;
2. Familiar with mechanical design principles and force analysis
、 Mechanical processing, mold knowledge, etc.
3. Proficiency in the use of CAD, SOLIDWORKS, proe, ug;
4. Familiar with the mathematical analysis software MATLAB, understand the simulation software ansoft, ANSYS, experience in motor structure design is preferred;
5. Strong sense of work responsibility Good study spirit and sense of teamwork.


019 、 ** Lightweight Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

(Joint venture, the company is committed to research and development and manufacturing of foamed polypropylene (EPP), which is a new type of environmentally friendly new type of pressure-resistant cushioning and heat insulation material that is currently growing faster. It has a wide range of applications and excellent Prospects.)

Recruitment position: Mold maintenance 7-8K / month

Job responsibilities;
1. Manage the safe operation of the area and personnel to ensure that there are 0 safety accidents in the area under its jurisdiction;
2. Quickly respond to the needs of emergency maintenance proposed by each area, and organize the maintenance tasks of quality and quantity;
3. Prepare the preventive maintenance of the mold Plan and organize the completion of preventive maintenance tasks for various types of equipment;
4. Record the maintenance process, use 5Why method to analyze the cause of the failure, put forward improvement suggestions and organize implementation;
5. Cooperate with the needs of process quality and beat, and complete the continuous improvement of the mold
6. Regularly carry out technical exchanges and training;
7. Cooperate with the engineers in the early planning of new projects and track the entire process of the new project mold trial, complete the final acceptance of the mold.
8. Manage the important environment and risk factors to make them in a controlled state;
9. Complete the tasks temporarily assigned by the leadership.
1. Technical secondary school, technical school, high school or equivalent, mechanical manufacturing, automation or related majors are good.
2. Three or more years of experience in the maintenance of molds / fitters in the manufacturing industry.
3. Strong execution, safety and quality awareness, strong learning and hands-on ability, good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit. Understand the structure of the mold, understand the working principles of machinery and hydraulic equipment;
have TPM application experience. Change positions need to adapt to shifts.
4. Provide accommodation, if there is no accommodation, there is a transportation allowance of 500.
5. Two shifts, including the year-end bonus and overtime, the annual salary is about 10-12W.


020 、 Changzhou ** Co., Ltd.

(The company was founded in 1997 and currently has more than 600 employees. The products involve household appliances (TV), automotive, and medical industries. The company has gradually formed a medium-sized strength that integrates product design and development, mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, spray printing, and assembly. Enterprise.)

Recruitment Position 1: Financial Manager 

1. Review the company's various cost expenditures, conduct cost accounting, expense management, and cost analysis, and regularly prepare cost analysis reports.
2. Allocate expenses at the end of each month, check with the production and sales departments in a timely manner, and report the reasons for the differences in production and finished products.
3. Carry out related cost management work, mainly do cost accounting and control. Responsible for cost summary and final accounting work
4. Assist various departments to carry out economic cost accounting, and decompose and issue costs, expenses and planned indicators. Collect relevant information and data and carry out work related to profit and loss forecasting.
5. Evaluate the cost plan and improve the cost accounting method in a timely manner.
6. Keep the cost, calculate the data and bind it monthly, and file regularly.


Recruitment position 2: medical product development engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Design product drawings, write design and development documents, and accept samples;
2. Write product standards and sample tests to complete design conversion;
3. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders;
Requirements for the job :
1. Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation related majors Bachelor degree or above;
2. Understand the related plastics and metal parts processing technology used in medical devices;


Recruitment position 3: mold programming

Job responsibilities:
Take full responsibility for the processing quality, processing efficiency, cost control and error control of the entire CNC manufacturing process of the mold; 2. The programmer participates in the new mold review meeting when receiving the new mold. The requirements for the mold are It is understood that the rationality of the mold structure, the steel used for the front and rear molds, product tolerance requirements, and beer plastic materials;
3. After receiving the new mold, the programmer must open the first batch of copper materials within 2 days and complete all the materials within 10 days. The copper material can be divided into four bills of materials;
4. Complete all the work temporarily arranged by the superior leadership.
Working conditions:
1.25-45 years old, mechatronics and other related majors;
2. Good communication skills and teamwork;
3. Skilled use of powermill software programming;
4. Workpieces and related personnel who have difficulty in CNC machining or quality assurance Communicate and put forward a reasonable solution;
5. Can be responsible for the output of the entire mold programming program list, electrode and electrode alignment map design;
6. Can instruct CNC milling operators to follow instructions, processes, and standards to ensure that the processing is completed and Processing requirements are controlled.

Design of electrode alignment map;
6. Can guide CNC milling operators to follow instructions, processes, and standards to ensure that the processing and processing requirements are controlled.

Job 4: Mold fitter 6-8K

Job Requirements

1. Good health, down-to-earth learning, responsible and responsive;
2. Ability to adapt to emergency overtime due to production needs;
3. Have a foundation for mold fitters;

Recruitment position 5: CNC operating machine 6-8K

Skill requirements:

 1. Can sharpen the knife, new tiger general or Makino machine tool 1 high school degree or above, CNC machining major, male or female, age 26-38 years old; 2 , more than three years working experience in large CNC and precision machining center operating machine, skilled operation Machining centers such as Xinhujiang and Makino; 3. Strong ability to read pictures, sharpen knives, etc .; working experience in plastic mold factory, with strong understanding and execution ability; 4. Correct attitude, careful work, active efforts, and responsibility heart.

Recruitment position 6: EDM machine 6-8K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for completing the operation of the EDM machine according to the mold processing drawings;

2. Complete the inspection and maintenance of EDM machine tools according to the requirements; 3. Complete the tasks according to the requirements of production tasks with quality and quantity.
Job requirements:

1. Have relevant EDM job experience; 2. Can bear hardships and work hard, adapt to overtime;


021 Shanghai Yu Yong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou Branch

(The company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade of new polyurethane materials. The company mainly operates Wanhua Chemical, BASF, Covestro, Huntsman, Dow, Kumho, Japan New chemical materials of well-known chemical companies at home and abroad, such as polymeric MDI, MDI-50, modified MDI, TDI, combined polyether, monomer polyether, food packaging adhesive and other polyurethane products Key materials, the industry involves furniture, automobiles, paints, plastic runways, building energy efficiency, solar energy, refrigerators and adhesives

There are more than a dozen industries such as pharmaceuticals in a wide range of fields and broad development prospects. )

Recruitment positions: 8 sales representatives, industry managers

Recruitment requirements

 1. College degree or above, major in chemical chemistry and working experience in the polyurethane industry is preferred

2. Smart mind, good at expression and communication

3. Good health, good facial features, like sales

4. Ability to use office software such as office skillfully

Salary and benefits

1. Salary: basic salary + performance bonus + holiday benefits + year-end commission, with a comprehensive annual salary of about 100,000

2. Cultivation: After entering the company, the company provides a series of professional and systematic training to help employees grow

3. Other benefits: weekends, two days off, payment of five insurances and one gold, regular group construction, regular travel, regular physical examination, etc. The company's cultural activities are rich and colorful;

Working place: Tianan Digital City, Wujin District, Changzhou City


022 Jiangsu Hongfei Network Technology Co., Ltd.

(The company was established in 2018 with a registered capital of 10 million coins. Hongfei Network Technology is a company focused on the promotion of the Internet (e-commerce platform + information flow + self-media). The company is mainly responsible for the brand and product of traditional enterprises. The new model promotes online and implements a combination of online and offline.)

Recruitment position 1 Taobao art graphic design 2

Comprehensive salary 4800-6000 Base salary plus commission Overtime subsidy + full attendance award + performance evaluation

1. Only recruit experienced people 

2. Complete the design and production of pictures independently, and communicate and maintain well with customers 

3. Will do the homepage and upload of major online stores

4 Will simply trim the video and add some simple special effects

Recruitment position two operations assistant 1

Comprehensive salary 4000-5500 basic salary plus commission + performance evaluation + full attendance + transportation subsidy

1. Familiar with the background and operation of various online stores, and cooperate well with the operation to carry out the work

2. Familiar with the promotion model of each platform and have their own independent thinking 

3. Obey management and maintain customer relationship

Recruitment position 3 Sales representatives 4 2 men 2 women

Comprehensive salary 4500-7000 Base salary plus commission + performance evaluation + full attendance + transportation subsidy + year-end bonus

1. Prior to sales and telemarketing

2. Independent thinkers are preferred

3. Adapt to overtime priority


023 Changzhou Chiwang Intelligent Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

(Shanghai Chiwang Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and a wholly-owned subsidiary, Changzhou Chiwang Intelligent Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. The company was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise" in 2014.

The company has a first-class R & D team, and is devoted to the research and development and manufacture of products in the field of machine vision and intelligent inspection; the products independently developed by the company and successfully launched to the market are: intelligent yarn detection system, textile defect detection system , LCD surface foreign body detection monitoring system, glass fiber felt defect intelligent detection system, etc. )

Recruitment position 1: Software engineer 2 people 6-9K / month

Responsibility description:
(1) Maintain software function modules, and cooperate with testers to correct software problems. 
(2) Complete work tasks, and timely report on task progress and team status. 
(3) Cooperate with other departments to carry out work. 
(4) Strong communication skills, able to collaborate with other team members to complete a given task Job
(1) Bachelor degree or above, with C / S project development experience is preferred. 
(2) Familiar with Visual Studio, familiar with C / C ++ / Python, solid basic programming skills, understanding the design patterns of high-level languages and the use of scripting languages.
(3) Visual algorithm experience is preferred, familiarity with opencv is preferred, machine vision experience is preferred, and machine learning experience is preferred.
(4) Work enthusiasm, diligence and initiative, with strong ability to withstand stress.

Recruitment position 2: Electronic engineer 1 person 5-7K / month

(1) Bachelor degree, major in electronics, automatic control and other related majors;
(2) Can complete the design of single-chip peripheral circuit schematics and PCB layout, proficient in Power Logic / PowerPCB or Protel design software.
(3) Have some experience in automation control projects, be able to carry out certain PLC programming, and be able to carry out integrated design of automation applications is preferred.
(4) Working experience in scanners, video cameras, and intelligent products is preferred.
(5) Have a good sense of communication and coordination and teamwork, have a sense of responsibility and work enthusiasm.
Job description:
(1) Responsible for the design and development of the lower computer communication board;
(2) Integration of electrical automation applications;
(2) Cooperate with other departments to complete product design, development and testing, participate in the development of related new products, and provide after-sales services The department provides technical support, etc .;
(3) Responsible for the operation instructions for electrical installation after product conversion;

Recruitment position 3: R & D manager 1

Salary: Negotiable

Description of duties:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in engineering or research direction.
2. Have the management experience and ability of the R & D department of the technology company, can effectively manage the R & D project;
3. Be able to lead by example, have good leadership and communication and coordination ability inside and outside the department;
4. Can establish and maintain a team spirit Efficient R & D team;
5. Have machine vision related knowledge, and development and management experience and capabilities of intelligent detection systems and products, can continuously track, learn, master the latest technologies and applications in this field, and can assist the company to make decisions;
6. Sharp thinking ability and innovative consciousness.

Recruitment position 4: 1 regional sales manager

Salary: Negotiable

1. Ensure the completion of the company
’s assigned annual sales target; 
2. Responsible for formulating and implementing this year ’s work plan and budget plan based on the company ’s business strategy and annual business goals, and expanding the product in the area (Sunan, Suzhong) Regional) sales, actively complete the sales volume index, expand product market share; 
3. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the regional market under its jurisdiction (Suzhong, Southern Jiangsu), organize and implement channel marketing, do market prediction, analysis and Feedback market information to the company in time and put forward marketing strategy suggestions; 
4. Deal with enquiries, quotations, negotiation of contract terms and contract signing according to company products, prices and market strategies. During the execution of the contract, coordinate and supervise the operation of the company's functional departments. 
5. Dynamically grasp the market price and regularly provide the company with market analysis and forecast reports and personal work weekly reports.
6. Collect first-line marketing information and user opinions, and provide reference opinions on company marketing strategies, after-sales service, etc.
7. Maintain and manage customer relationships, assist in handling after-sales services and customer claims, and track and handle them in a timely manner.
1. Have more than 5 years of sales experience and work experience related to electronic product sales;
2. Have more than 3 years of relevant market management experience;
3. Skilled in using office software.

Work and rest: 8 hours working day and Friday (8:30 am to 17:00 pm in winter and 8:30 am to 17:30 pm in summer), weekends and weekends, legal holidays are consistent with the country

Benefits: Five insurances and one pension, catering subsidies, year-end bonus, paid annual leave

Work location: Changzhou WujinTianan Digital City


024 Changzhou Xingying Culture Media Co., Ltd.

(Xingying Cultural Media, now has cooperation with Douyin, YY , multi-platform, professional packaging team, training teachers, the new company hopes to grow with you.)

Recruitment position: female web anchor

Recruitment of female anchors on the Internet, with an offline salary of 3,500 , a monthly salary of more than 10,000 is easy, and the more multicast commissions. We advocate green live broadcast, sign a contract anchor, the company provides packaging, training, let you complete a web red dream.

Location: WIZ Changzhou Chang Wu Road 588 No. Tian An Cyber Park Block 912 Room



025 Changzhou Enma Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd.

(The company is committed to providing customers with one-stop services, including domestic and foreign patent, trademark and copyright agency, intellectual property strategy analysis, technology transfer and transformation, technology project services, etc. The company members have rich experience in intellectual property agency and management Relevant laws and policies, covering a wide range of business fields, including machinery, electricity, communications, chemistry, medicine, computers, biology, etc. The company has established close cooperation with intellectual property agencies and intellectual property trading agencies in many countries and regions Business Contacts.)

Recruitment position: Patent agent engineer 2

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the technical situation, guide customers to complete the technical submission.

2. Responsible for the preparation of patent application documents, replying to examination opinions and other tasks.

3. According to customer needs, answer related patent questions and exchange technical solutions for customers.

4. Assist customers to mine patented technology.

job requirements:

1. A patent agency qualification certificate is preferred.

2. Bachelor degree or above, 2 ~ 3 years of patent agency work experience is preferred.

3. Familiar with patent laws and regulations.

4. Strong written ability, clear logic, responsible and teamwork spirit.

Salary treatment:

1. Basic salary + case commission + bonus (basic salary 3-4K, comprehensive salary 7-12K)

2. Double holidays, five insurances and one gold, national legal holidays.

3. Nine to five, no overtime, provide a rich lunch.


026 ** Third-party company for vehicle damage assessment

Recruitment position: Vehicle surveyor 2 people about 8K

Job responsibilities: Responsible for on-site investigation of vehicles, collecting materials and on-site adjustment.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, 25 to 35 years old, more than 3 years of relevant work experience.

2. Bring your own car.

3. A certificate of insurance assessment is preferred.

Salary treatment:

1. Basic salary + commission + bonus

2. Double holidays, five insurances and one gold, national legal holidays.

3. Nine to five, no overtime, provide a rich lunch.


027 Hailan Electric Power Co., Ltd. Changzhou Branch

(The parent company is HailanZhiyun Technology Co., Ltd., which is led by the "Hailan Internet Smart Cloud Platform" and lays out "smart energy", "smart energy saving", "smart electricity sales", "smart buildings" and "smart factories" Industrial Internet smart platform service enterprises constructed in the sections of "Smart Workshop" and "Smart Safety and Environmental Protection".

Founded in June 2015, the company is committed to using advanced artificial intelligence technology to help Chinese industrial enterprises, improve the level of digital management, reduce the total amount of energy consumption, improve the level of technology, increase enterprise production capacity, and strengthen the company's core competitiveness.

"Hailan Power", a wholly-owned subsidiary of the headquarters, is a comprehensive power service company that mainly sells electricity, builds power transmission and transformation projects, and provides power services. Possess the qualification of general contracting for power transmission and transformation, and three levels of qualification for installation, repair and test.

The company is headquartered in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, and has branches in Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. At present, the company has 400 employees, and there are 10 companies in the province and abroad. We are the deputy director of the China Energy Conservation Association, a five-star cloud enterprise on the Industrial Internet of Jiangsu Province, and a leading enterprise in the nation's independent electricity sales company. )

Recruitment position 1: Power sales manager 3.2K + commission = 100,000-200,000 / year 

Job Responsibilities:

1. Expand the electricity market, develop electricity sales customers, tap potential customers, and extend marketing scope;

2. Sign an order to sell electricity to help customers participate in electricity market transactions;

3. Actively promote the company's characteristics, and actively recommend and recommend suitable projects according to customer needs;

4. Maintain power market acumen, fair competition, honesty and trustworthiness, and maintain corporate image at all times;

5. Responsible for the maintenance of customers and establish a good cooperative relationship.

job requirements:

1. Have certain marketing experience;

2. Hard-working, hardworking and hard-working;

3. Be sincere, humble and polite;

4. Those with electric power foundation and self-driving are preferred.

Work location: Changzhou WujinTianan Digital City


Recruitment position 2: Installation engineering staff: 80,000 / year + project bonus

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for power industry expansion project and monitoring point installation.

2. Responsible for the budget calculation of the power industry expansion project, the project follow-up work, and the preparation of the project material table.

3. Cooperate with the business department to provide pre-sales support to customers and provide solutions for users.

job requirements:

1. Graduation in electrical related majors, priority is given to those with electrical work

2. Familiar with the first and second installation and commissioning of high and low voltage electrical equipment

3. Hard work, adapt to outdoor working environment

4. Responsible for the installation and debugging of the customer's operation and maintenance engineering

5. Skilled use of computer, driving license is preferred

Work location: Changzhou WujinTianan Digital City


028 Jiangsu Fengdu Holding Group Co., Ltd.

(Fengdu Holding Group is composed of professionals from well-known real estate development, commercial operations and integrated marketing across the country. After 6 years of development, the company has a strong team of more than 500 people.

Fengdu held high innovation awareness and subverted the traditional real estate marketing service model. On the basis of preserving the promotion and integration of traditional agency companies and high execution power, we have innovatively established "Jufang China", the first domestic real estate online guide platform, commercial distribution platform "Shangke Duo" and commercial investment operation management platform "Bibo" "Commercial Management", and the terminal intelligent shopping guide platform "Easy Real Estate", the five business modules completed the peak mode of front-end guides and back-end transactions, and actively built the entire value chain of real estate marketing.

With its effective real estate service system, innovative integrated services, and efficient execution, Fengdu comprehensively promoted rapid sales of various projects. In the process of growing together with customers, the company has become a strategic visionary supplier that can provide customers with a full range of professional marketing services. )

Company benefits: employee dormitory + full attendance award + five insurances and one gold + statutory holidays + seniority salary + paid annual leave +

Holiday benefits + good promotion channels + paid training + year-end bonus

Treatment: basic salary 3000+  

Comprehensive income 5000+

1. Customer Service Specialist

1. Effectively communicate with customers through telephone channels to understand customer needs, familiar with sales processes, and assist department heads to complete various sales work;

2. Implement various business operation standards and complete the pass time and pass index;

3. Participate in various meetings and trainings according to work requirements;

4. Maintain the business of old customers and tap the maximum potential of customers;

5. Maintain the quality of the insurance policy, complete the relevant customer service work, find abnormal conditions, and report to the superior in time;

6. Comply with various management regulations of the company and complete other tasks assigned by the company.

job requirements:

Positive working attitude, passionate about sales, strong professionalism and courage to face challenges;

Good communication and presentation skills, adaptability and problem solving skills;

2. Property consultant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Comply with the on-site rules and regulations, and complete various performance indicators (such as sales, dunning, and delivery);

2. Information input in the sales system to ensure timely, accurate and perfect;

3. Provide customers with high-quality reception and consulting services, fully show the good image and reputation of the company and the real estate

4. Fill in the subscription form correctly, lead the customer to pay the deposit, be responsible for reminding the customer to pay the purchase price and delivery fee, and sign the real estate purchase contract and mortgage contract on time;

5. Handle all kinds of complaints from customers and owners, and do a good job in all after-sale service procedures;

6. Perform other tasks arranged by the project manager or the sales team leader.


1. Standard Mandarin, clear-spoken, strong service consciousness, good affinity, communication, coordination, image and expression ability;

2. Can bear hardships and endure hard work, good adaptability and active learning ability, hard work and hard work, self-motivated and patient;

3. Ability to carry out real estate sales activities according to the project's standard operating procedures and achieve sales targets;

3. Assistant General Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the management, classification, sorting, filing and storage of the relevant data of the vice president;

2. Assist deputy general manager in handling company management matters;

3. Responsible for writing relevant reports;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the vice president.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, undergraduate, Chinese language and literature major is preferred;

2. Strong learning ability and sense of responsibility, self-motivation, and strong ability to handle affairs independently;

3. High professional ethics, C1 driver's license;

4. Diligent work, strong interpersonal skills and efficiency

5. Veterans first

4. Personnel intern


1. Responsible for the distribution and update of online recruitment channels;

2. Comprehensive screening of resumes, arrangement of interviews and interview process of candidates;

3. Expand the company's recruitment channels, establish and maintain a talent database;

4. Responsible for the arrangement of the interview process of the interviewer;

5. Participate in social recruitment and school recruitment;

6. Other work arranged by the leader;

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, no major limitation;

2. With or without work experience;

3. Good at accepting and learning new things quickly, full of energy and strong adaptability;

4. Good at communication and communication, strong expression ability;

5. Have a certain self-driving ability, work consciously, and work hard to improve.


029 Jiangsu Shunyingyun Network Technology Co., Ltd.

(The company was established in Shanghai in 2008. We first proposed the "BPO model of effect-oriented marketing." In 18 years, we first proposed the "AI intelligent outbound + cloud customer service" model. Through strong research and development capabilities, we have realized cloud customer service platform and Intelligence, IT technology, from front-end call, mid-to-back data analysis, comprehensively improve work efficiency.

Since the development of Shunyingyun, the company has more than 500 employees and has established workplaces throughout the country, covering Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Shandong and other places. Possess rich cloud project service experience and management capabilities.

Up to now, our company has served hundreds of well-known customers: such as Ping An Auto Insurance, Guangdong Development Bank, Bank of Communications, EF Education, Master Education, VIPJR, Guazi used cars, etc.

In 2019, revenue exceeded 80 million! In 2020, Datawin Cloud will take the lead in layout and macro-control strategies, and existing businesses will grow steadily. )

Recruitment position 1: Education customer service (3.5-6K)

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the customer resources provided by the company, establish good communication with the customer and ask the customer's intention;

2. Intentional screening of customer information as required to complete customer information collection and summary;

3. Make sure to solve customer problems and satisfaction.


1. Putonghua standard, good oral expression and communication skills;

2. Quick thinking, meticulous work and strong sense of responsibility;

3. Those with customer service and related work experience are preferred.


Recruitment position 2: Information Research Specialist (3.5-6K)

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the customer resources provided by the company, conduct a questionnaire survey on the customer to see if it meets the card requirements;

2. Investigate the customer's information as required and enter relevant information to remind the customer to answer the bank staff's return call later.

job requirements:

1. Putonghua standard, clear-spoken, good verbal expression and communication skills;

2. Quick thinking, strong and meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility;

3. Those with experience in customer service and call center are preferred.


Recruitment position 3: recording quality inspection clerk (3-3.5K)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Discover the problems that the agent has in the telephone communication through recording, communicate in time and propose improvement plans;

2. Collect problems in monitoring, provide timely feedback, and form a monitoring quality analysis report;

3. Collect and propose training needs and suggestions for improving information;

4. Handle complaints, put forward suggestions and measures for quality improvement, and improve the call center business level;


1. Standard Mandarin and skilled use of office software;

2. Do things carefully, work with a sense of responsibility, and those with relevant work experience are preferred;

3. Have strong learning ability and data analysis foundation.


Recruitment position 4: Guan Peisheng / Reserve Supervisor (3-5K)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Implement work tasks and independently handle and resolve the work in charge;

2. Familiar with the work processes of the subordinate departments, and timely feedback on various problems encountered in the work;

3. Properly handle customer complaints and opinions, maintain customer relations, and increase satisfaction.

job requirements:

1. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication ability;

2. College degree or above 'skilled operation of office software;

3. Have a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and positive work attitude;

4. Good execution and teamwork spirit.

Three: Welfare benefits:

1. Basic salary + full attendance award + meal supplement + newcomer award, pay five insurances and one gold;

2. The statutory holidays are closed, providing holiday benefits and employee birthday benefits;

3. Employee annual travel and free employee medical examination;

4. Provide lunch and afternoon tea, and issue monthly performance bonus;

5. Provide a comprehensive personal education promotion plan and free English training courses.

Address: Tianan Digital City, Wujin District, Changzhou City


030 Jiangsu Kangzhicheng New Material Co., Ltd.

(The company is a well-known domestic floor building materials company, specializing in the integration of floor material production, sales, and construction services.)

Recruitment positions: 10 online sales, 10 marketing specialists

Treatment: basic salary + performance + full attendance + talk supplement + meal supplement + high commission. Comprehensive salary is about 6K--12K.

Seven-hour working system without overtime, social insurance, enjoy national statutory holidays, promotion space, more than 20 days of annual leave

Recruitment requirements:

 1. Basic computer operation

 2. Cheerful and talkative

3. Strong team consciousness and ambition to fight hard

4. With sales experience, marketing professional can be preferred


031 Wisdom Ambow Enterprise Services (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

(It is a comprehensive science and technology service enterprise that provides technology policy consultation, intellectual property consultation, and enterprise science and technology information consultation service for enterprises. The company conforms to the state to vigorously support science and technology enterprises, promote enterprises to change from "manufacturing" to "creation", encourage technological innovation, and promote The environment for industrial upgrading is close to the needs of enterprises, and is committed to creating a comprehensive consulting service platform for technology-based enterprises, and building a bridge for communication and cooperation between enterprises and government authorities, scientific research academic institutions. The company's consistent aim is to deepen the face-to-face of technology-based enterprises Consulting, with a sincere and trustworthy, close to demand and meticulous service model, has become the "outside brain" and think tank of rapid development of technology-based enterprises.)

1. Regional partners (the number of recruits: 2-3 people)

Work place: Zhenjiang Jurong

Job Responsibilities:

1. Lead the sales team of the regional company to complete the sales task;

2. Have good marketing ideas and skills;

3. Coordinate the internal and external relations of the team;

4. Assist the comprehensive management department to complete the sales team performance assessment;

5. Establishment and training of sales force.

job requirements:

1. 2 years or above sales team management experience;

2. With Internet, insurance and intellectual property industry background is preferred;

3. Good execution and communication skills; strong sense of team honor;

4. Be willing to challenge and eager for your own improvement and development.


Second, the project declaration supervisor (to be recruited: 1-2 people)

Work location: Changzhou

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for providing customers with consulting services on technology projects;

2. Responsible for providing scientific and technical information training and consulting support for the company's marketing team;

3. Responsible for the internal training and management of the company's project team;

4. Assist the marketing manager or related personnel to solve the problems in the consultation;

5. Establish and standardize the company's scientific and technological project information consulting operation process and management system;

6. Coordinate the cooperation relationship between the scientific and technological information consulting department and other departments;


1. Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering, more than 2 years of relevant work experience;

2. Those with relevant work experience such as science and technology service agencies are preferred;

3. Have department management experience and strong communication and coordination ability;

4. Have good communication skills and strong teamwork spirit;

5. Work conscientiously and be able to withstand certain work pressure;

6. Have a sense of responsibility and strong teamwork spirit.


3. Project assistant (to be recruited: 2-3 people)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for handling daily consulting business of the department;

2. Cooperate with the supervisor to carry out consulting and declaration business, conduct various data statistics and analysis, and be responsible for tracking business work;

3. Guide the contact and consultation work of customer contacts;

4. Other work arranged by the supervisor.

job requirements:

1. Strong sense of responsibility, patient and meticulous work;

2. Possess good communication and coordination skills, and work proactively;

3. Good writing and verbal skills;

4. Familiar with the daily operation of the computer, familiar with the use of office software such as WORD, EXCEL, PPT, and mail.


4. Business assistants (to be recruited: 2-3 people)

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the requirements of the department head, play the role of inheritance.

2. Assist in the collection and summary of the company's early customer materials and data; collation, report writing service plan, and the drafting and release of business documents such as resolutions and decisions.

3. Make good organization and record of office meetings and other meetings.

4. Responsible for coordinating and integrating tender documents and other qualification documents with partners.

5. To liaise, report, communicate, coordinate and cooperate with other departments of the company on the affairs of this department in the region.

6. Responsible for the planning, activity organization and execution of the entrepreneurship salon.

job requirements:

1. Strong planning and execution ability, appeal.

2. Familiar with commonly used office software (word, excel, ppt), with certain writing skills.

3. The knowledge structure is relatively comprehensive and has certain management experience.

4. Practical and careful work, rigorous self-discipline, orderly, with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism.

5. Able to complete his work and other tasks assigned by the leader in a timely, accurate, satisfactory and excellent manner.


032 Changzhou Haoli Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

(The company was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million. It is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales, service of Ilizarov external fixator products, and cooperation and promotion of Ilizarov technical projects.

The company has a mature sales channel: the domestic exclusive Ilizarov bone external fixation products, many products and technologies involve invention patents and utility model patents.

Innovative expert team cooperation model: Our company and well-known orthopedic experts at home and abroad have jointly created a unique expert technical team and established a long-term and stable team cooperation relationship.

Unique technology project cooperation mode: comprehensive integration of resources on the product side, clinical side and academic side.

In 2019, it exclusively introduced the Russian Ilizarov microscopic hand and foot external fixator (IMEF), which has a good clinical response and has been strongly praised by authoritative experts at home and abroad. )


Recruitment positions:

One. Medical device sales (3-4 people)

1. Work content:

1) Maintenance of existing dealers, development of new customers;

2) Completing the tasks arranged by the company, product bidding, sales, payment and other related businesses;

3) Maintain good communication with customers and grasp customer needs in real time.

2. Job requirements:

1) College degree or above, medical, nursing, marketing and other related majors are preferred;

2) 2 to 3 years of experience in bone direct fixation or distribution are preferred;

3) Establish a good image of the company and keep the company's business secrets strictly confidential;

4) Good conduct, diligence, honesty, serious work, responsible and down-to-earth;

3. Treatment: five insurances, basic salary + commission + subsidy


Follow Taiwan technicians (2-3 people)

1. Work content:

1) Responsible for the operation of the client's hospital;

2) According to the problems in the operation process, provide the doctor with reasonable solutions and cooperate with the doctor to successfully complete the operation;

3) Maintain good relations with doctors, understand department dynamics and report in time;

4) Conduct product training for doctors or dealer personnel;

2. Job requirements:

1) College degree or above, medical and nursing majors are preferred;

2) Experience in operating room or orthopedics is preferred.

3. Treatment: five insurances, basic salary + commission + subsidy


033 Changzhou Alibaba Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

(Changzhou Alibe Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Sino-French joint venture) is a medical technology company dedicated to providing patients and doctors with accurate diagnostic products. Changzhou Alibe Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of scientists from the Pasteur Institute in France Co-founded with NetEase cloud technology experts. Our entrepreneurial team has learning experience in famous universities at home and abroad (for example, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Adelaide University in Australia and Rockefeller University in the United States), and also works in well-known enterprises and institutions at home and abroad Experience (IBM, Alibaba, NetEase and Pasteur Institute in France). Our strong scientific entrepreneurial team in molecular biology, microbiology, synthetic biology, CRISPR, microbiome, bioinformatics, machine learning, big data and Cloud technology has extensive experience. The founder team has published papers in many high-impact factor international journals, including top-ranked journals (such as Nature, Science, and Cell). Our founders share a common vision, that is, health The future of services is precision medical services. Our mission is to accelerate EC Medical shift to precise care.

With our experience in different fields, we are developing highly interdisciplinary and highly integrated diagnostic products to help achieve accurate diagnosis. We are committed to developing fast, accurate, highly sensitive and affordable diagnostic services, which will greatly improve the quality of disease diagnosis, reduce excessive or inappropriate treatment, and help doctors implement precise treatment

Treatment. From human samples and clinical data, based on big data and artificial intelligence methods, we develop and provide reliable and

Accurate diagnosis service. Our company currently provides scientific research cooperation for infectious diseases, aging and cancer.

Develop and provide diagnostic products in corresponding fields. We hope that our products and services can improve patient health

The diagnosis of Kang's condition and help medical practitioners carry out precise treatment. )

Due to the company's need to develop diagnostic products for infectious diseases, we plan to recruit 2 R & D personnel. The following are the corresponding positions

Bit information:

Core responsibilities:

1. Independently conduct complex laboratory experiments to collect data on major research projects. Propose to CSO / CTO the experimental design and

/ Or research directions

2. Interpret and analyze the results, modify existing procedures and methods, and optimize specific methods;

3. Formulate new research programs, including those not described in the literature;

4. Supervise the consumables and equipment budget under the supervision of CTO / CSO;

5. Work with CTO / CSO to ensure that the laboratory complies with regulations and all necessary specifications;

6. Supervise (formal or informal) employees or students / interns as needed, including technical supervision and guidance, and project work consultation;

job requirements:

1. Bioinformatics, computer science or microbiology, master's degree or doctoral degree;

2. Proficient in programming languages such as R, Python or Mablab;

3. Have research experience related to 16s sequencing and metagenomic sequencing;

4. Fully understand and master the principles of second-generation sequencing;

5. English 6 and above

6. Strong sense of responsibility, serious work, clear organization, strong initiative, strong hands-on ability and teamwork spirit

Priority qualifications:

1. illumina sequencing data analysis experience;

2. Micobiome research experience, and even published related literature;

3. TOEFL, IELTS or GRE scores;

4. Have foreign study and work experience;


1. Remuneration is implemented according to the standards of masters and doctoral students in Changzhou (we will provide wages higher than the corresponding average level), and additional annual salary subsidies are added, which are determined according to the working years and work performance;

2. Apply for the Changzhou Municipal Government's subsidy for family settlement (RMB: 200,000 for masters and RMB 400,000 for doctors);

3. Pay social insurance as required;

4. For initial employees, give the company options shares (according to academic qualifications, working years and work contributions to determine specific shares);

5. Help doctoral students to apply for Changzhou Innovation Talent Cloud Program (RMB: 400,000) and Jiangsu Provincial Double Innovation Program (RMB: 500,000-100,000)


034 Changzhou ** Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Economic Development Zone Lucheng)

Beite was founded in 2007, selling its own brand of pneumatic chucks nationwide, and focusing on the design and manufacture of various special fixtures.
The company has strong technical force and perfect testing equipment. There are more than 100 employees and more than 30 professional technicians. Through independent innovation, the company has developed fixtures in various processing fields, such as: pneumatic chucks, hydraulic chucks, combined fixtures for machining centers, front-end through-hole chucks, spindle holders for laser cutting equipment, automotive wheel fixtures, and differential Speed reducer shell clamp, motor shell clamp, engine side cover clamp, crankshaft grinding clamp, axle clamp, expansion clamp, pressure plate clamp, eccentric clamp, etc. It is widely used in the improvement of lathes, grinding machines, machining centers, drilling and milling machines, welding and cutting equipment, pipe thread machine tools, laser cutting equipment, manipulators and automated production lines.

Recruitment position 1: 2 mechanical design engineers; 1 process engineer

Requirements: More than 15 years of working experience in the mechanical design industry, good at the design of various mechanical parts and fixtures, familiar with product technology and compilation; proficient in CAD, UG or PROE and other drawing software.

Recruitment position 2: Assistant engineer 6-10K / month

Requirements: more than 5 years of working experience in the mechanical industry, proficient in UG / SolidWorks tools; familiar with and understand product drawings, structural performance and use requirements; meticulous and rigorous work, good communication coordination, analysis and solution capabilities

Recruitment position 3: Inspector 4-5K / month

Requirements: More than 5 years of relevant work experience, proficient in the use of conventional measuring instruments such as micrometers; familiar with and understand product drawings, structural performance and use requirements; meticulous and rigorous work, good communication coordination, analysis and resolution capabilities.

Recruitment position 4: Mechanic ( assembly fitter / machining center / CNC rough turning / milling machine / drilling machine / CNC drill / wire cutting master)

Comprehensive salary: 5.5-8K / month

Requirements: more than 5 years of relevant work experience, skilled technology; can quickly understand mechanical drawings, understand mechanical processing technology, proficient in using various mechanical tools; work carefully, be hardworking.

Recruitment position 5: General workers (CNC precision turning machine / Internal / External cylindrical grinder / General turning machine / CNC grinding) 4.5-6K / month

Requirements: 18-45 years old, healthy, men and women are not limited; junior high school and above, mechanical related majors (skilled workers) are preferred; work is conscientious and responsible, hardworking, adaptable to overtime and shifts.

Recruitment position 5: Apprenticeship 3.5-4K No work experience, or freshmen in mechanical related majors.

Welfare treatment: 8 hours of single break (two shifts from 8: 00-17: 00/17: 00-1: 00 the next day), providing room and board, paying social insurance, enjoying national legal leave, performance award 300-400 yuan Monthly, organize tourism and medical examination once a year


035 Changzhou ** Electric Motor Enterprise (Henglin / Yaoguan)

The company is a professional manufacturer of precision motors, drives, automation equipment and solutions. The company was founded in 1999 and has more than 580 employees. The company adheres to the concept of serving customers wholeheartedly and is committed to becoming a manufacturer of precision motors, drives, and automation equipment and a comprehensive service provider of overall solutions.

Job 1: Quality inspector  


1. Education degree or above

2. Caliper micrometer thread pass and stop gauge

Recruitment position 2: CNC operator salary: average 20 yuan / hour

1. Two shifts, piece counting system

2. Each person needs to see two machines (products often 15-30 seconds) output 1500-2000

3. Shift off once a week for a single break

4, 15 lathes, 6 machining centers, 1 warp carving machine


1. Can read the drawings, and will use vernier calipers, micrometers and other measuring tools

2. Simple programming and tool compensation

3. Knowledge of commonly used CNC turning tools, sharpening experience is preferred

4. The CNC machine tool system is mainly based on Siemens and FANUC systems.

Recruitment position 3: Motor assembly operator Wage: average 17 yuan / hour

1. Changbai class (part of winding down shifts) 2. 8.00 am-5.00 pm


1. Recognize 26 letters; focus on assembly workshop

2. 18-45 years old, with working experience conditions, age can be relaxed

Recruitment position 4: Coating worker Wage: average 16 yuan / hour

1. Changbai class (8-10 hours)

2. 34-40 years old, adapt to paint taste, no experience can learn

Welfare treatment: provide free working meals, holiday benefits, travel, etc., and pay commercial insurance.


036 Changzhou ** New Energy Enterprise (Changzhou Economic Development Zone Lucheng)

The company mainly produces high-performance power lithium-ion battery wet separators and coated separators.

Recruitment positions: 30 production technicians

1. Recruitment requirements

1. Male 18-38 years old, junior high school or above

2 Can bear hardships and work hard, adapt to working overtime;                                                                  

 3 You can accept standing work, and you need to wear a piece of anti-static clothing when entering the workshop.

2. Benefits:

1. 18 yuan / hour, monthly comprehensive salary above 5500 yuan;

2. Pay wages on the 15th of each month;

3. Provide working meals and accommodation (three meals a day) with two supper

4. Those with outstanding performance can be converted into regular employees and pay five insurances and one gold.


037 Changzhou Wufeng Real Estate

Changzhou Wufeng was established in 2013 as a resource integration, professional marketing agency and project planning executive

Real estate service agency, Wufeng Real Estate, through the regional cooperation and professional operation of the overall operating model, for cooperation

Partners provide accurate and efficient professional services.

The company has been taking Changzhou as the core and radiating to Jiangsu. Its business scope has covered Maanshan, Nanjing, Taizhou,

Yancheng and other large and medium cities. The company's core management team consists of a group of real estate planning, market research and analysis, project management

Professionals in marketing planning, corporate strategy and brand management, all with college education or above

The company currently has more than 80 people and annual sales of more than 1 billion.

Changzhou Wufeng Real Estate Sales Project involves ordinary residences, high-end properties, commerce, urban complexes and specialties

Market, and has formed a unique style and brand in the field of real estate project marketing, agency and planning.

1. Recruitment positions:

1. Number of real estate consultants: 15

Educational requirements: college degree or above; work experience: more than 1 year; age range: 23-35 years old, female

Priority; salary: 4000 + commission + bonus; working hours: 9: 00-18: 00 in the morning, monthly rest

4 days.

2. Number of marketing specialists: 20

Educational requirements: high school or above; work experience: more than 1 year, age range: 20-30 years old, work

Capital treatment: 4000 + commission + bonus; working hours: 8: 30-18: 00 in the morning, 4 days off per month.

3. The number of real estate customer service: 20

Educational requirements: high school or above; work experience: more than 1 year, age range: 18-25 years old, female

Priority; salary: 2700 + commission + bonus; working hours: 8: 30-18: 00 in the morning, monthly rest 4


2. Specific requirements:

Strong organizational planning ability, coordination ability and execution ability, good at handling complex interpersonal relationships;

Have relevant knowledge of the real estate sales industry, and people of insight who are willing to develop in the real estate industry; men and women are not limited, have experience

Examiner is preferred.

Address: Block A, Tianan Digital City, Wujin

038 Changzhou Oulfute International Trade Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Orford International Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Orford) is a cross-border e-commerce company in the rapid growth period and one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in China. There are two own factories in Changzhou, mainly engaged in the export business of various furniture, outdoor, sports, office, children, auto parts products, and some brands have successfully occupied an important share in the international market.

Amazon Operations (English Level 6 and Japanese Level 1) 10 

Product development (no language requirements, product development experience is preferred) 10 

1.    treatment

Base salary + performance + meal supplement + parking subsidy + high commission. Comprehensive salary is about 6K-25K   

Double holidays, five insurances and one gold Enjoy national statutory holidays Paid annual leave Regular group building

2.    Recruitment requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, college English level 6 or above, or Japanese N1;

2. Those with 1 year of Amazon sales / operation experience are preferred;

3. Possess strong market analysis, marketing and promotion capabilities, good at finding problems, and able to make timely judgments;

4. Excellent communication skills, academic ability, problem handling ability and teamwork ability;

5. Familiar with the use of computers and the Internet, proficient in the operation of office software.


039 Changzhou Miracle Media Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Wujin High-tech Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu, with an office area of about 1500 square meters. It has rich enterprise operation experience and a mature Internet celebrity incubation system. The company adopts the B2B / B2C / O2O business model, and has established a good and stable strategic cooperative relationship with many well-known Internet celebrities and e-commerce companies in China. Through the Internet celebrity effect, it has solved problems for multiple entities and created multiple sales miracle. There have been numerous cooperations undertaken, including Taobao, Pinduoduo, Vipshop, Koala Haigou, Mushroom Street, Zhihu, Himalaya, etc.

Recruitment position: Douyin quick hands anchor

Job Requirements:

1.18-30 year old female, with correct facial features and cheerful personality

2. Education is not limited, young people who are trained to work and love internet work are preferred

3. Have good communication skills

4. Salary treatment negotiable


040 Changzhou Haike Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction: Changzhou Haike Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. is a Haigui high-tech software innovation enterprise introduced by the Changzhou government. Founded in 2014, it is the first batch of private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province. It is engaged in the design of smart space architecture and its products. R & D and sales.

Business Introduction: Haike fully develops intelligent applications and provides customers with professional technical services. At present, intelligent software products have begun to be applied to relevant enterprises and institutions in various regions, providing a reliable information guarantee for improving the operating efficiency of enterprises, improving the management level of enterprises and cities, and reducing safety accidents and energy waste.

Recruitment position 1: Front-end development engineer 6-8K / month

job requirements:

1. Proficient in javascript, HTML5, CSS3, angularjs and other development languages, proficient in DIV + CSS layout

2. Proficient in PS operation

3. Those with AngularJS development experience are preferred

4. Strong understanding ability, able to transform the technology of the R & D center into pages

5. Have a wealth of front-end industry knowledge, good at delving into and understanding the design and implementation principles of the latest front-end technology, and can be flexibly applied in work

Job Responsibilities:

1. Complete product code development, complete product and project coding, testing and defect repair work according to architectural design;

2. Complete project development tasks on time; and write relevant documents;

3. Responsible for low and medium difficulty software design and technical solution preparation;

4. Ability to independently cooperate with the test team for program testing and correction of defects.

Recruitment position 2: UI designer 5-7K / month

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, more than 1 year experience in UI design, experience in UI project is preferred;

2. Proficient in Photoshop software, able to independently complete application program interface design work and other graphic design work;

3. Familiar with HTML5, CSS code writing;

4. Skilled use of ink knife tools is preferred;

5. With excellent art skills and good creative ideas and user interface design capabilities;

6. Have good cooperation attitude and team spirit, be able to independently undertake and respond to work, arrange priorities and ensure that tasks are carried out on time and effectively, adapt to changes in work, work hard, and maintain optimism.

7. Please provide personal works when applying for the job. On-site demonstration and explanation are required for the interview.

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for product prototype, interaction and UI design of web and app;

2. Can fully communicate with the development, ensure the realization of UI, and promote the final realization of interface and interaction design;

3. From the perspective of user experience, make professional suggestions on the ease of use and aesthetics of products and process logic;

4. Cooperate with the technical department to write page code (HTML5, CSS);

5. Design plan and other plan related to product operation related activities;

6. Other matters explained by the leaders.

Recruitment position 3: Copywriting planning 4-6K / month

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Chinese, news media or computer related is preferred;

2. Possess good writing skills, excellent writing control ability and market analysis ability;

3. Responsible for the company's product copywriting, brand planning, project proposal creation and writing;

4. Competent in writing daily plans, promotional materials, and WeChat tweets;

5. With high professional quality, able to withstand pressure, endure hardships and stand hard work, and have a sense of teamwork;

6. Those with experience in large-scale events in the Internet industry, communications industry, and government customers and driver's licenses are preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the writing of the project declaration copy, responsible for the writing of product publicity copy, responsible for the external communication during the project declaration, PPT production, etc. Occasional business trips, it is best to drive skillfully. Remarks: Those who are interested will attach an interview to the previous copy works

Work location: Changzhou WujinTianan Digital City


041 Jiangsu Jiebang Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiebang Network is a comprehensive service provider that provides various Internet value-added services and solutions. Jiebang Network focuses on basic Internet services and is committed to providing a full range of Internet access services and network application solutions for enterprises and individuals. Since its establishment, Jiebang Network has maintained close cooperation with basic operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. At present, its core operations include multiple multi-line IDC data centers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Fujian, Hunan and other regions, and is striving to expand overseas services.

Company main business introduction:

Domain name registration: provide various domain name registration services

Cloud hosting: provide cloud hosting rental services of various specifications and multiple lines

Server hosting: provide server hosting services of various specifications and multi-machine rooms

Server lease: provide server lease service for each configuration and each line

High-defense business: providing high-performance, high-defense server rental and hosting services

IDC cabinet: provides IDC cabinet rental service with multiple specifications and multiple equipment rooms

IDC Large Bandwidth: Provides IDC large bandwidth leased services for multiple lines and multiple computer rooms

CDN service: provide domestic multi-node, multi-line CDN service

Overseas servers: provide server rental services in overseas regions such as Hong Kong and the United States

Value-added services: provide various types of enterprise dedicated lines, data dedicated lines, dedicated line transmission and other services

Recruitment position: sales specialist / business representative

Job introduction:

1. Engaged in the sales of IDC cabinets and bandwidth, reached sales targets, and expanded the market share of products;
2. Responsible for the management and expansion of large customers, in-depth tracking and mining of customer needs; 
3. Responsible for coordinating internal and external customers, companies, etc. Resources to meet customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction; 
4. According to the company's market strategy, actively explore new markets and new customers, maintain customer relationships and expand the company's business volume.

Job requirements:

1. Aged from 20 to 35 years old, pursuing high bonus income, keen on sales work, with strong professionalism and enterprising spirit.

2. Strong communication skills, good at negotiation, keen market insight and adaptability, and strong pressure resistance.

3. Love the Internet industry and willing to develop in this industry for a long time, with a pioneering spirit.

4. Initiative, strong execution, IDC industry experience, Internet product promotion, Internet industry sales experience, business development or channel development experience is preferred.

5. Academic degree requires college degree or above. Work experience is not limited, those with experience are better.

Salary and benefits:

Monthly salary: Comprehensive 4000-10000, performance determines salary, salary is paid according to commission, specific standard is negotiable.

Employee benefits: pay five insurance, birthday red envelopes, year-end double pay, regular travel dinners, etc.


042 Jiangsu Qingzhihang Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2017, its team has provided services to Changzhou Qinghang Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. since 2013, providing customers with "one-stop" intellectual property solutions. At present, 80% of the company's members are masters of science and engineering from 985 and 211 universities. The majors cover many fields such as biology, chemical engineering, materials, electronics, communications, and machinery. The number of personnel is 16. In addition, we also employ more than 30 authoritative experts from well-known domestic and foreign law firms, research institutions, universities and listed companies to form an expert advisory team. The general manager of the company, Jiang Mingna, is a "national patent information practice talent", three engineers in the patent analysis department are "Jiangsu intellectual property talents", and five engineers in the intellectual property management consulting department have the "intellectual property management system organized by the China Certification and Accreditation Association CCAA "Certified Auditor" qualification.

Recruitment position: Intellectual property engineer 6-8K / month

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for providing clients with intellectual property services using professional backgrounds and providing a strong reference for their technological development, marketing and other business activities, mainly including the following;

1. Understand technical requirements such as research programs, experimental data, professional terminology, and professional terms provided by customers.

2. Provide clients with consulting services such as patent search, patent analysis, project declaration, achievement transformation, and infringement determination.

3. Write research reports on special industries, products, and technologies according to needs.

4. Responsible for guiding and digging deeply into the needs of customers, propose solutions accordingly, and supervise implementation.

5. According to the company's business and market needs, engage in research and planning of new services.

In view of the lack of patent knowledge and information retrieval experience of newly recruited employees, the company will provide systematic professional patent knowledge and business training.

job requirements:

1. Science and engineering (biological engineering, mechanical engineering is preferred) or intellectual property, bachelor degree or above;

2. Priority in second foreign language ability;

3. Have good data analysis and writing skills;

4. Strong learning ability and good teamwork spirit.

Salary and benefits: 6k-8k per month, five insurances and one fund, statutory holiday benefits, quarterly group construction and annual large-scale tourism activities.

Working hours: 9: 00-17: 00, weekends and statutory holidays.

Working place: No.588 Changwu South Road, Wujin District, Changzhou City / Jiangning District, Nanjing


043 Yiqifei E-commerce

The company was established in 2017 and is mainly engaged in various e-commerce platform agency operations and operation talent incubation services. At present, it is already a leading domestic e-commerce operating company. In the future, Yi Qifei will use more professional services to help the growth of the e-commerce business of small and medium-sized enterprises, and make online sales of enterprises easier. Let the company's orders fly! We belong to a group company, with headquarters in Wuxi, Changzhou, Xuzhou, and Taizhou. The company's specific services are as follows: ① Alibaba, Taobao stores operate on behalf of

②E-commerce platform operation planning

③ Marketing website operation promotion

④E-commerce platform training service

Recruitment position: 10 sales representatives, comprehensive salary 8-10K / month

In Yiqifei, you will enjoy:

1. No responsibility basic salary + high bonus + five insurance;

2. Fair and transparent promotion opportunities, every three months of promotion assessment, 30% of new employees can be promoted to manager within one year (Commercial Representative Senior Commercial Sales Engineer Commercial Supervisor Commercial Manager Commercial Director Branch General Manager).

3. A better training system in the industry (a combination of paid training once a week and the traditional "mentoring belt")

4. Enjoy new honors, monthly awards, quarterly awards, annual awards, elite gift packs, team awards and other honors based on your own performance.

5. Various rewards (dining outings, karaoke, mountain climbing, picking, farmhouse, football basketball games, island tours ...) Only you can't think of it, you can't get it.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for collecting and communicating information about new customers, developing new customers;

2. Communicate effectively with customers by phone to understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and complete sales performance;

3. Maintain the business of old customers and tap the maximum potential of customers;

4. Regularly communicate with cooperating customers and establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.



044 Changzhou Miracle Media Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Changzhou Wujin High-tech Zone, with an office area of about 1500 square meters. The company adopts the B2B / B2C / O2O business model, and has established a good and stable strategic cooperative relationship with many well-known Internet celebrities and e-commerce companies in China. Through the Internet celebrity effect, it has solved problems for multiple entities and created multiple sales miracle. There have been numerous cooperations undertaken, including Taobao, Pinduoduo, Vipshop, Koala Haigou, Mushroom Street, Zhihu, Himalaya, etc.

Job type: New Media Operations 7-8K / month

Recruitment position: customer service specialist (e-commerce customer service)

Job Requirements:

1.18-30 year old female, with correct facial features and cheerful personality

2. Education is not limited, young people who are trained to work and love internet work are preferred

3. Have good communication skills



045 Jiangsu Suxun Textile Co., Ltd.

The company mainly exports textile fabrics and accessories, and its main customers are in Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries.

Position: Assistant Salesperson

Salary: 3000 ~ 4000 yuan month

Number of people: people

Work content:

1.    Tracking and docking of order content with Chinese factories;

2.     Contact with foreign customers to receive orders and order tracking, delivery, collection and other matters;

3.     English level 4 or above, good written English;

4.     College degree or above, major in international trade or English is preferred;

5.     Unlimited work experience.



046 Shanghai Jinghe Technology Robot Co., Ltd.

Jinghe Technology was founded in 2012. Over the years, it has been committed to building China's high-end intelligent rehabilitation training robots and digital rehabilitation solutions. It has insisted on independent research and development. Through years of research and development and a lot of human and material investment, it has successfully developed intelligent rehabilitation of lower limbs Train robot products and conduct trial sales and clinical cooperation in more than 50 top rehabilitation hospitals in China to meet the needs of modern rehabilitation development with technological advancements. Our mission will always be to create and improve and innovate China's own high-end robotic products and digital rehabilitation products, so that patients can obtain the greatest possible recovery of their lives, self-care, labor and work, and achieve "accumulate steps to travel thousands of miles" Rehabilitation effect.

Jinghe has always insisted on independent innovation and independent research and development, continuous innovation and improvement, and has applied for and obtained a number of domestic patents, international patents, and software copyrights. Jinghe’s innovative products and entrepreneurial spirit have been continuously recognized by many parties and won many awards. He has won CCTV , Shanghai Foreign Language Channel, magazines, newspapers and other media reports, and won the third prize of the 2012 Global Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. prize. 2013 Nian 11 months, recommended by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, on behalf of our self-developed robot Shanghai Pavilion, participated in the world's largest medical equipment exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany Medica , harvest praise. And in 2014 , the rehabilitation robot won the gold medal of the 3rd China Elderly Welfare Product Design Competition and the winning prize of the Shanghai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Address: Wujin Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Chang Wu Road 588 number days of digital Block 606 Room

Job Title: Product Manager   1-2 Name 10K / month project bonus      

Post benefits:

1. Project phase bonus;

2. Group subsidiary, young team, can provide a stage for young people with ideas;

3. Unscheduled dinner, domestic group building activity once a year;

4. Medical examination once a year.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for submitting the company's new product proposal (including development purpose, market demand, product function, etc.);

2. Responsible for submitting product line quarterly and annual reports (including product sales analysis and new product recommendations);

3. Responsible for competing product information collection and submit comparative analysis report;

4. Responsible for docking with the R & D department (subsidiary) for new product development;

5. Responsible for the collation and editing of new product promotion materials;

6. Responsible for the preparation of systematic product plans based on product characteristics;

7. Responsible for compiling product training materials and training the company, customers, distributors, etc .;

8. Responsible for the reception and explanation of daily important customers in the company's sample room;

9. Responsible for monthly inspection and daily maintenance of exhibits in the sample room;

10. Assist to visit and maintain expert public relations, submit product improvement suggestions;

11. Assist in the preparation and participation of the exhibition and collect product information.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing and clinical medicine is preferred ;

or more years of rehabilitation equipment or related work experience or more years of management experience in the market;

3. Have strong communication ability, coordination ability, anti-stress ability, cooperation ability, strong market sensitivity, and can independently carry out project operations.


047 Changzhou Tongying Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Tianan Digital City, Wujin High-tech Zone, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It was established in 2019 with a registered capital of million. It is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the sale and service of orthopedic IIizarov external fixator products.

Recruitment position: Follow Taiwan technicians ( 2 ~ 3 people)

Salary: Five insurances basic salary commission subsidies

Work experience: Experience in operating room or orthopedics follow-up is preferred

Education requirements: college degree or above, medical nursing major is preferred


1.    Responsible for follow-up operation of client hospital

2.     Regarding the problems during the operation, provide the doctor with reasonable solutions and cooperate with the doctor to successfully complete the operation

3.     Maintain a good relationship with doctors, understand department dynamics and report in time

4.     Product training for doctors or distributors

job requirements:

5.    Strong affinity, high service awareness and communication skills

6.     Has a good professional ethics, pragmatism, hard work, adapt to long-term business trips

7.     Changzhou has a house, unmarried, within 30 years old




048 Changzhou Yilongnan Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

The company is an integrated company of industry and trade. The predecessor of the company has a history of 15 years. The company's brand "Ai Beisi" and "Yiyoubao" have more than 60 employees, covering an area of more than 6000 square meters.

The company has its own Taobao and Tmall stores, Alibaba's domestic and international station platforms, and its main product is a folding sofa bed. It is the leading factory in the industry so far.

Recruitment position: Foreign trader   

Job requirements : ability to communicate with foreigners, cheerful personality, active and proactive work, self-confidence, hard work and study, strong sense of responsibility, desire to challenge high salary;

Benefits: , the basic salary ( 3K-5K high commission various incentive bonus annual bonus length of service award attendance bonus , Hours: 8:30 - 17:30 , lunch break, 1.5 hours; , full year Enjoy paid annual leave; marriage leave maternity leave Chinese New Year leave, statutory holidays, etc. 4. Lunch subsidies, accommodation subsidies, transportation subsidies are all available;

5. Provide vocational skills training, transparent enterprise management, and provide a fair and just platform.

Growth and development
We provide various training opportunities: onboarding training, company cultural values training, professional skills training, product knowledge training, external development training, etc.
Rich and diverse shared learning sessions products back-to-back seminars improvement of personal management and coordination skills. 3. We have very good platform resources: Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba platform , P4P Jinpinchengqi , domestic and international exhibitions
Our product advantages: ①We have our own R & D team, our own production workshop ②We have independent Brand ③Integrated production, R & D and sales 5. Overseas exhibition and tourism opportunities ; 6. Promotion space: foreign trade assistant → foreign trade salesman → senior business → business supervisor → business manager → partner



049 Jiangsu Yitong Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yitong Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a live broadcast platform engaged in self-media development. The company has a professional Internet operation team, professional live broadcast facilities and a live broadcast room with beautiful environment. The company has invested heavily to create a new live broadcast platform, and its vision is to build the leading live broadcast platform in China and a well-known domestic celebrity incubation base.

Job Title : web promotion (5 Ming )

 ①Job description:

1. Responsible for promoting the company's live broadcast app through online channels ;

2. Responsible for the suction and drainage of the company's live broadcast platform.

② Job requirements;

1. Men and women are not limited, cheerful personality, strong communication skills, good professional qualities, active and responsible work;

2. Love live broadcast, familiar with various chat tools;

3. Withor without experience, fresh students and interns are acceptable.

③Working hours:

11 30 ~ 22 00 , there are 1-2 hours of meal and rest time at noon and night , hours of comprehensive working time , and single rest every week.

④Wages and benefits: no responsibility basic salary meal supplement commission extra bonus


Recruitment post : Web anchor

1. Non-responsible basic salary from 5000-10000 yuan, not capped

2. Super high commission! Team performance personal performance

3. Have enough confidence in yourself, treat me if you dare to mention me, and have no problem with millions of income

4. Green network female anchor 18-35 years old

5. Live broadcast of Xiaobai, Internet big coffee can be, newcomer package training, provide live broadcast equipment

6. The company has many years of experience in the operation of live broadcast platforms, and has cultivated many powerful players with rich resources.

Recruitment requirements

1. Require your own live broadcast style

2. Good personality, funny and humorous, strong communication and interaction ability, responsible, team conscious and subject to company arrangements

3. Those with outstanding talents in singing, dancing and musical instruments are preferred

solemn commitment

1. After the interview is passed, professional training courses will be provided to inexperienced new artists

2. Equipped with professional broker assistants to carry out live broadcast work

3. The company provides live broadcast equipment to artists

4. The company provides accommodation for artists


050 Changzhou Jianshang Furniture Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Jianshang Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and has developed into an industry leader after many years of development. The company is located in Wujin District, Changzhou City. It is an e-commerce enterprise integrating R & D, production, warehousing and online sales of household products, and has the ability to integrate information, standardization and Internet-based supply chains.

The company has a sound organizational structure and currently has more than 600 employees, an office area of more than 3,000 square meters, and a storage area of more than 30,000 square meters. The company has a strong R & D team of household products, with more than 100 product patents, and the number of new product developments ranks first in the industry.

The company currently owns many self-designed brands such as "Yijiada" and "Bandas", which are sold on multiple home appliance platforms such as Taobao, Tmall,, Pinduoduo, and Vipshop, with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan. With the gradual advancement of domestic distribution and international trade, in addition to the domestic market, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

Recruitment position :Pinduoduo operation supervisor annual salary of 15-20 million  

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall operation and daily management of Pinduoduo platform;

2. Formulate the mall operation plan according to the company's operation goals to complete the sales goals ;

3. Responsible for analysis of operational data, optimization of inventory and product line, optimization of store flow, etc. and improvement measures

4. Responsible for contacting and communicating with Pinduoduo's operating personnel to do a good job in all aspects;

5. Organize daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring data: flow data, marketing data, transaction data, product management, and customer management.


1. College degree or above;

or more years to fight a lot of experience in operations management platform or more years scouring the Department of platform operations management experience in the furniture category priority;

3. Understand the operation process and rules of Pinduoduo and have strong market perception ability, keenly grasp the market dynamic direction, be familiar with and understand the various publicity and promotion in the mall, and can effectively use it;

4. Understand the rules of Pinduoduo platform, understand the overall operation, have its own system operation concept, and be good at communication and management team

5. Sensitive to data, good at collecting, summarizing and analyzing various marketing data;

6. Good communication and coordination ability, strong work planning and execution ability, careful thinking logic and analysis and summary ability.


Job Title : Amoy Department Director of Operations salary 25 Wan -40 Wan  

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for formulating the overall goals and planning of Tmall and Taobao stores;

2. Develop the corresponding online promotion plan and sales plan, and propose and implement improvement plans for the operation, promotion and sales strategy of the store;

3. Lead the team to complete the prediction and achievement of the store's various sales and operating indicators, and provide real-time feedback, supervision and improvement;

4. Periodically analyze statistics on store data, marketing data, competitors, and industry data, and guide the analysis results to formulate corresponding operational improvement plans

5. Assist the department manager to lead the company's product structure selection, differentiate product sales, and ensure that the goal is achieved.


1. College degree or above, more than year experience in the same position;

2. Familiar with Tmall operation rules, promotion, etc., familiar with the shopping habits and shopping psychology of Taobao members, can develop a perfect Tmall platform marketing operation strategy, and those with successful operation experience of the famous brand Tmall flagship store are preferred;

3. Sensitive to operational data, strong data analysis ability, can make professional data analysis on various data indicators of the store, and can effectively complete the performance goals set by the company;

4. Strong communication skills, team consciousness, meticulous work and patience, love and dedication, hard work.


Recruitment position     Pinduoduo operation category operation 6-10K / month

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the operation of Pinduoduo platform, including baby listing, combination, event registration, delivery docking and after-sales docking;

2. Complete store operation indicators and monthly operation plan to promote and ensure the smooth completion of operation indicators;

3. Continuously expand new platforms, expand marketing paths, and expand sales platforms;

4. Make a good sales plan for Pinduoduo platform and make corresponding promotion;

5. Complete all tasks assigned by the operation center;

6. Complete other temporary work tasks.


1. Have experience in platform docking and have resources for communication in Primary 2;

2. Good at communication, with experience in communication with the second elementary school;

3. Strong sense of purpose, strong execution, and marketing knowledge;

4. Conscientious and responsible work, planned


Job Title : manager salary 8k-15K , the annual salary of 10-20 Wan  

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall planning of Tmall store, traffic and brand image improvement;

2. Responsible for formulating the operation indicators and monthly marketing plan of the Tmall store to promote and ensure the smooth completion of the operation indicators;

3. Responsible for marketing and promotion of Tmall stores, formulating store activities, promotion strategies, and improving store rankings;

4. Responsible for the planning and execution of the annual promotional activities, store activities, and theme activities, including event copywriting and event material preparation;

5. Responsible for the promotion of through trains, drill shows, Taobao customers, real-time monitoring, analysis of flow data and continuous optimization ;

6. Responsible for product management, optimize product line and inventory management, complete store SKU planning, and cooperate to complete search traffic optimization.

7. Familiar with content marketing methods, plan and execute content marketing programs collaboratively.


1. Aged from 21 to 30 years old, with more than years of experience in Taobao operation, good at promotion and creating a single product explosion;

2. Familiar with the operation process and rules of Taobao website, skilled use of marketing tools such as diamond exhibition, through train, Taobao customer.


Recruitment position : Event operation   8-10K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for Tmall KA shop daily gathering and cost-effectiveness, panning buying planning and scheduling registration, and official -level promotion and other activities for registration;

2. Develop the overall plan of the event, as well as detailed interest play and page layout arrangements;

3. Store self-operated activity planning, cooperate with store operation and maintenance and improve product sales;

4. Summarize and analyze activity data and feed back to store operations and store managers;

5. Arrange and report on the production of picture materials of the docking design department.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, with more than one year of experience in event operation is preferred;

2. Strong sense of work responsibility, strong execution and communication and coordination ability;

3. Have strong event marketing ability, sharp thinking, more sensitive to data, and have a certain aesthetic view;

4. Intended for long-term development in the e-commerce industry, with strong learning ability, high initiative and strong pressure resistance.


Recruitment position : product operation    6-10K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product operation of Tmall store;

2. Responsible for daily sales and maintenance of store products, analysis of competing products, real-time adjustment of promotion strategies

3. Responsible for market analysis and promotion of new products, creating explosive products

job requirements:

, there are or more years of operational experience Taobao, has a good awareness of network marketing and brand planning capability;

2. Familiar with the operation process and rules of Taobao website, skilled use of marketing tools such as diamond exhibition, through train, Taobao customer;

3. Self-motivated, teamwork spirit and sense of responsibility.


Job Title :Jingdong operator salary 8k-15K , the annual salary of 10-20 Wan  

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the daily work of JD Mall self-operated, proficient in using JD's operating background;

2. Responsible for contact and communication with the person in charge of procurement of, do a good job in all aspects of cooperation, and strive for event resources;

3. Responsible for the planning and registration of various official and unofficial marketing activities initiated by Jingdong Station, coordinating the corresponding internal and external resources and executing the activity plan;

4. Regularly track and evaluate the promotion effects of advertisements and activities, and be responsible for statistics and analysis of promotion data and effects, and constantly make optimization plans (do a good job of daily promotion record statistics every week, and effect analysis and tracking);

5. Through the mining of the characteristics of the product itself and the research and application of online marketing methods, increase sales;

6. Responsible for analyzing the data of various searches, visits, transactions, etc., and finding ways to improve conversion rate and sales through data analysis;

7. Coordinate art design, customer service and other positions to complete the store's product data collation and release, pre-sale and post-sale consulting support and other related work.


1. University degree or above; majors in e-commerce, computer, marketing, etc., familiar with e-commerce platform is preferred;

2. Have more than year of working experience in self-operated stores, half a year of full-time JD platform sales promotion experience, proficient in JD Mall online transaction promotion process and various marketing tools;

3. Have certain marketing ideas and experience, and have considerable planning and organization capabilities for product promotion activities;

4. Have good writing and communication skills, love e-commerce, and work under greater pressure.


Recruitment position : Human resources supervisor deputy manager monthly salary 8-10K   

Job Responsibilities:

, to assist the development of human resources development plan, and supervise the implementation of the programs;

, to promote the development of human resources, improve the recruitment system, organize recruitment;

, improve internal training system, supervise the implementation of the annual training plan, the training effect research and evaluation;

, carry out inventory and personnel evaluation work, assist department staff career development planning;

, to promote enterprise culture construction work, spread the company philosophy, management philosophy, core values;

, organization and implementation of performance management, performance management department of counseling process, so that system performance can be implemented;

, improve the ability to evaluate employees, job descriptions and core of the competence model;

, improve staff career path system, organizational talent selection for promotion work.


25-35 years old, bachelor degree or above, human resources management and related majors, familiar with the six modules of human resources;

2. More than five years of relevant work experience of human resources supervisor, with strong management ability, organization and coordination ability, data analysis ability and judgment ability.

Recruitment position : Recruitment supervisor monthly salary 8-10K    

Job Responsibilities:

, the establishment and improvement of the system of recruitment and hiring process;

, recruitment needs and according to the company human resources planning departments to develop recruitment plans;

, according to recruitment plan, optimize recruitment channels to carry out recruitment;

, the implementation of job recruitment for high-end, professional interview to assess candidates and provide reports;

, to develop and maintain relationships between schools and enterprises, promoting the work of the implementation of campus recruitment;

, responsible for promoting projects of executive search, execution, completion of the annual business indicators;

, a talent reserve mechanism, the company reserves the development needs of talent;

, responsible for recruiting team building and staff training;

9. Responsible for the daily management of other recruitment, assisting in the completion of other personnel related matters, etc .;


1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources, management or related majors , more than years of relevant work experience;

, familiar with the recruitment process system, familiar with Excel Word PPT , with data modeling and analysis capabilities.

3. Familiar with various recruitment channels, recruitment processes and interview methods, those with campus recruitment experience are preferred;

4. Cheerful personality, good communication and coordination skills and sense of teamwork, result-oriented, strong anti-stress ability


Recruitment position 10 : Senior Recruitment Specialist monthly salary 6-8K   

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the company's human resource planning and the recruitment needs of various departments, implement the recruitment plan;

2. Responsible for the maintenance and expansion of recruitment channels to ensure that the company's employment needs are effectively met;

3. Responsible for the preparation, release, update and promotion of recruitment information;

4. Responsible for resume collection, screening and telephone communication, interview arrangement;

5. Responsible for tracking and collecting talent dynamics in the same industry to attract outstanding talents;

6. Responsible for the implementation and follow-up of various work of campus recruitment;

6. Responsible for statistics and analysis of recruitment data;

7. Other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


1. College degree or above, human resources, administrative management and other related majors are preferred;

2. Familiar with human resource recruitment module, with more than years of recruitment experience or campus recruitment experience is preferred;

3. Skilled use of office software, able to adapt to moderate pressure work, and be able to complete related work independently;

3. Cheerful personality, good communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness;


Recruitment position 11 : Personnel commissioner monthly salary 4.5-6K  

Job Responsibilities:

, responsible for personnel entry, departure and transaction handling procedures;

, responsible for personnel entry systems, maintenance and updating employee roster;

, signed and records management staff responsible for labor contract

, recruiting responsible for the implementation of part of the job;

, update the organizational structure of the company responsible for maintenance work

, to assist the work of other business and cultural activities, training, compensation module


1. College degree or above , major in human resource management or work experience in human resources;

, skilled use of office software, have good communication skills and active learning capacity;

, familiar with the labor and personnel regulations and policies, good execution and professionalism;


Recruitment position 12 : Training specialist monthly salary 5-7K     

Job Responsibilities:

, involved in the internal curriculum development and teaching, helping businesses establish training system;

, to explore, Identify training needs, design and implementation of training courses to promote effective to maximize the effectiveness of training;

, help develop training programs and program implementation, monitoring the training process, evaluation of training effectiveness, organizational training assessment;

, to evaluate the effectiveness of training, optimization training courses sophistication, improving execution curriculum;

, establish and improve the training system files, do a good job training records reports.


1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in office software operation, understand PS software or video recording operation, proficient in PowerPoint ;

2. Be open-minded and innovative, face new things and new challenges with an open mind;

3. Cheerful personality, affinity, good learning ability and comprehension;

4. Experience in customer service training is preferred.


Recruitment position 13 : Procurement Assistant   3.5K-4.5K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist buyers to execute purchase orders and purchase contracts;

2. Assist in handling daily affairs related to procurement;

3. Manage procurement contracts and supplier documents, and establish a supplier information resource database;

4. Assist in the contact and reception of suppliers;

5. Make and compile statistical reports of various procurement indicators;

6. Responsible for supervising and reminding the daily work of procurement and rewarding and punishing the daily behavior of procurement

7. Other work arranged by the leader.


1. College degree or above, logistics major is preferred;

2. Strong communication and coordination skills;

3. Have good analysis and judgment ability and document sorting ability, strong anti-stress.


Recruitment position 14 : Sales Accounting    3.5K-4K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for using Alipay in the store to check the payment and verify the daily accounts of Alipay for making payments;

2. Responsible for the reconciliation of various expenses of store sales;

3. Statistical analysis of some reports in charge of sales expenses;

4. Responsible for daily expenses payment and customer service communication.

job requirements:

 1. College degree or above, age 20-35 years old;

2. Ability to use Alipay's various functions and various office software proficiently;

3. Work seriously and responsibly, logically organized, good professional quality and professional ethics.


Recruitment position 15 : Data statistician      3.5K-5K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's various procurement data statistics

2. Responsible for the analysis of various reports of the company, and follow up the follow-up work based on the analyzed data.

3. Other matters assigned by superior leaders.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, age 20-30 years old;

2. Careful and careful work, strong sense of responsibility, and passion for work;

Recruitment position 16 : Accounting Assistant        3.5K-5K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Issuing of daily invoices

2. Custody of company information and contracts

3. Application for registration, etc.

4. Other matters assigned by the leaders.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree, finance, accounting and other related majors;

2. More than half a year of financial related work experience;

3. Careful and meticulous work, love and dedication, hard work, good ethics.


Recruitment position 17 : Senior Warehouse Supervisor     8K-10K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the manager to manage the warehouse operation team to ensure that the processes of receiving, packaging and shipping are carried out normally;

2. Execute and improve the rules and regulations of the warehouse, standardize the operating standards and processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs;

3. Scientifically manage the warehouse of goods and put forward improvement plans to ensure the maximum utilization rate of the warehouse;

4. Effectively meet the company's overall business operation needs;

5. Supervise the implementation of inventory work and results analysis, and propose improvements.


1. College degree or above, logistics, supply chain related majors;

or more years of work experience in the relevant field logistics and warehousing, there is electricity supplier warehouse work experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with the logistics warehousing operation process, familiar with the use and maintenance specifications of related logistics equipment, and those with ERP system operation experience are preferred;

4. Strong problem solving and communication skills, proficient in using basic office management software;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, be able to endure hardships and stand hard work, and be able to withstand certain work pressures.


Job Title 18 : Taobao Lynx Jingdong CD products will be customer service monthly 4-7K  

Job Responsibilities:

, take the initiative to introduce products to guide customers to happily complete the transaction; 

, familiar with the product knowledge and timely feedback inventory status and problems encountered in counseling; 

, follow orders, solving customer check parts logistics, reminders issues, improve customer satisfaction; 

, to maintain good communication with various departments, support and cooperation to do the work; 

, familiar with Taobao rules of operation, improve their sense of service and service skills, enhance customer satisfaction. 


1. College degree or above, 18-30 years old, male or female;

2. Proficiency in typing, the speed is over 40 words per minute ;

3. Familiar with computer operation, familiar with Taobao shopping process or similar experience is preferred;

4. Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, and affinity;

5. Positive and optimistic, sexy and cheerful, full of passion, able to withstand certain work pressure ;

6. Have the spirit of teamwork and the courage to challenge high salaries.

Ps : this position can accept full-time college or higher interns, the salary is the same as the formal job, the company provides professional training)


Recruitment position 19 : live broadcaster guarantees a minimum of 4,500 yuan (base salary commission)  

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for live broadcast on Tmall, Pinduoduo and other new media platforms to display and promote the company's products;

2. Responsible for familiarizing with the company's products, cooperating with the operating personnel, and actively participating in Taobao online activities to promote order completion;

3. Responsible for active live broadcast room atmosphere, guide fans to pay attention to the store or purchase store products, and answer fan questions;

4. Responsible for online fan maintenance, interact with fans, increase the number of fans, fan stickiness, and improve product conversion rate;

5. Comply with the relevant regulations of the platform and the company, and actively complete the live broadcast sessions and the duration of the live broadcast to achieve the expected results of the live broadcast.


1. No qualifications or majors are required;

2. Clear speaking, fluent Mandarin, and strong communication skills;

3. Good image, strong expressiveness, cheerful personality, and strong adaptability

4. Familiar with the platform live broadcast rules, can complete the daily live broadcast independently, and can perform interactive performance in a timely manner;

5. Have working experience in e-commerce live broadcast, familiar with marketing skills and customer psychology, and familiar with sales skills.