Company Culture


 Every customer is entrusted with a trust. Beisizhe's existence is for the trust.            

Mission & Vision             

Every recruiter is a social connecter, not only to discover talents and connections, but also to pay more attention to the aggregation value of talent connections. Excellent connector not only plays the role of job opportunity transmission, but also plays the role of business and friendship connection. Beisizer is committed to becoming the most reliable connection expert in the segment industry           


With efforts to move themselves, enrich themselves with professional; let persistent no regrets, let the dreamer great.            


Integrity is the most basic requirement of our employees, and also the basic principle of our work and life.   We adhere to the strictest ethical standards and abide by the laws and regulations of our country and the receiving country or region.           

 strictly observe one's duty            

Effective management of assets and successful investment are the basic responsibilities and solemn commitments of the company and every employee.            With the joint efforts of all employees, the company takes the interests of shareholders as the starting point and strives to maximize the benefits after risk adjustment.            

Prudent and prudent            

We adhere to the business philosophy of steadiness, prudence and conscientiousness, and manage the risks of every investment with a rigorous attitude.            We should bear in mind our responsibilities, work diligently and do things steadily.            Seeking knowledge and making progress            Constantly learning new knowledge and pursuing best practice are the driving force of the company's success and development.            We strive to build a learning enterprise, encourage every employee to improve themselves, and create brilliant.            

Pursue excellence            

We advocate continuous improvement and excellence, and inject the highest standard of professionalism into all aspects of the company's business.           

team work            

We advocate team spirit, encourage all departments to cooperate closely, and drive all employees to work together,            In order to ensure the efficient operation of the company and achieve the established goals.