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Cost reduction and efficiency increase-Comprehensive cost analysis, management and improvement

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In the new market environment, cost is a critical factor that affects corporate profits (profit = revenue-cost). Continuously reducing costs and enhancing the value of the company are the eternal theme of enterprise management. To maintain a competitive advantage, companies must strive to reduce costs Keep costs at a reasonable level. An enterprise can only survive if the cost is reduced below the industry average; the enterprise's cost can be separated from the industry average cost, and this enterprise really has a competitive advantage. Enterprise cost management involves every link from product design, product production, to product sales and after-sales service; it involves enterprise cost management organization system, responsibility system, management standards and index system, cost information system, cost control system, cost accounting system, Cost assessment and other systems. Only by establishing enterprise cost management on an all-round system management platform, focusing on the entire process of business activities, and all-round systematic management, can good results be achieved. How to reduce costs and maximize enterprise value is a common topic for enterprise managers and cost management experts.

This course will focus on:

1. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency Every company advocates, how can it be implemented in each module of the factory?

2. The company has already decided the specific cost of the model just before the research and development. How can we control the cost structure before production?

3. The supply chain cost accounts for too much of the manufacturing cost, how can it be effectively reduced?

4. If the quality is not good, should we increase the inspection strength without restrictions? How to balance the cost of failure and the cost of inspection?

5. What is the reference basis for manufacturing cost control and how to establish cost control standards?

6. What is the most reasonable evaluation before the big investment, that is, the current benefit has long-term planning!

7. Have you seen the cost-reducing and efficiency-enhancing finance, how can you quickly see the benefits!



【Course income】

1.  Improve the level of managerial thinking and cognition, and use forward thinking to think and manage costs in advance;

2.  Can effectively use company resources, do cost planning, and let good steel be used on the blade;

3.  Establish a standardized cost management and control system, classify and summarize costs, and carry out refined management;

4.  Use improvement tools suitable for the enterprise, improve management efficiency and enhance the profitability of the enterprise;

5.  Establish a company's comprehensive budget control system, use budget tools to quantitatively analyze and control costs;


【Time and location】

2F, Jiangyin Tianan Digital City Marketing Center, Wuxi City

August 30, 2019 9:00 — 16:00


【Introduction to the lecturer】

Li Yi  [ Cost Control Trainer and Factory Planning Consultant, American Management Accounting Association (IMA) Skills Training Certificate, Chinese Institute of General Accountants Senior Certified Financial Accountant, International Finance Association International Financial Certified Senior Manager (IFMS) ]

Professional background: Nearly 20 years of manufacturing work experience, Samsung Display / Hitachi Optoelectronics / Delta Electronics and many other foreign company backgrounds; from grassroots to corporate executives, understand the grassroots, understand the middle, understand the high-level; be able to "process combing + financial logic And the golden triangle framework of operational data; provide a landing plan for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. More than 5 years of consulting and training experience, good at cost control training.

Teaching style: systematic thinking structure and innovative course content, to improve the practical ability of the participants, quick and rigorous thinking, good at inspiring students' inner motivation and strong logical guidance.

Some training customers: Suzhou Taijinbao Optoelectronics, Suzhou Jiuben Machinery, Guangzhou Xinyuan, Shanghai SF, Hefei Junling Electronics, Sujing Group, Datong Electronic Technology, Jiangsu Cable Changshu Branch, Guangzhou Jingzheng Optoelectronics, Datong Electronic Technology, Auxiliary Xun Optoelectronics Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., NEC Dongjin Electronics (Wujiang) Co., Ltd., Huayuan Electric (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., WujiangFuhua Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Hitachi Optoelectronics (Wujiang) Co., Ltd., Cognitive Precision Manufacturing (Suzhou) Ltd. etc.


【Course Outline】

1. Enterprise analysis 

◆ Business environment analysis 

◆ Exploration of the essence of business management

◆ Understand the current situation of the company 

◆ Interpretation of enterprise model

- to find their own enterprise development path

2. The change of enterprise operation and management starts from "person"

◆ Enterprises need to break through business difficulties

-Breakthrough in managerial thinking mode

◆ Focus on the future instead of fire fighting

- Cultivation forward-thinking

◆ Breakthrough thinking: mental model 

◆ Understand that the growth curve is changing the status quo

3. Financial report analysis

◆ Break through traditional accounting thinking

- Define a new financial framework around the main line management

◆ Interpretation of corporate income statement

- Improved earnings in the income statement for the management reporting guide business decisions

◆ Interpretation of the balance sheet

- alternative use of the balance sheet: Avoid efficiency improvement "pit"

◆ Comprehensive use of reports

- "Acquisition and payment system" and "Accountability system"

- Avoid excess reports, focusing the real problem

4. Cost analysis and control

◆ Cost and expenses:

- redefining the costs and expenses and to facilitate better control

- fixed costs and variable costs

- Interpretation of business break-even point, to find the true cost of business

-Pay attention to the costs ignored by the company: safety costs and environmental costs

◆ Cost analysis starts with quotation

- Costing way

- quotations and policies

-Responding to the annual price reduction

◆ Cost control

- labor cost control

-R & D cost control

-Procurement cost control 

-Logistics cost control

- management of cost control

◆ Misunderstanding of cost control 

- costs not injure

-The cost of error is the cost of ** 

-Automation ≠ cost reduction and efficiency increase

◆ Management cost

- the establishment of quantitative management cost management system
- to improve the company's own standard cost 
- the cost of defined corporate goals


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