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an Italian company specialized in conceiving and creating customized furnishing

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    The heritage of the acknowledged Italian furniture manufacturing, combined to the top-standards of materials and an accurate project management, represents the consistent service that we offer to our customers, worldwide since 1978.
    The appreciation of our performances and the success of the projects we realized have lead us to extend globally our activity and today we are settled in Italy, Shanghai and New York.
    The globalization of our company brings to our clients the benefits of considerable savings on production timing, delivery and management, assuring the high quality standard that made our company one of the most well known in the field.

Furniture design engineer:
· College Degree or above, major in Architectural/ Industrial Engineering or any related courses to Furniture Manufacturing studies.
· Proficient in design software, such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor.
· Be familiar with wood, metal and acrylic.
· Experience in design, construction and manufacturing for Furniture or Luxury Interior Fit-out.
· Ability to communicate well. Good verbal and written communication skills in Chinese, English is preferred.
·  Must be willing to render overtime when required.
·  An enthusiastic, meticulous, honest and hardworking 

Manufacture Manager

Production manager oversee the manufacturing process and make sure that production is running smoothly and efficiently. He work closely with GM, OM, PM, Engineering Department, and Production departments (Worker Leader, Painting Leader) to plan work, set targets and make sure the finished products meet quality standards. Guarantee the organization, direction and control of production activities with the max performance of human and machinery resources.

Operation Manager

1. Receive project information (to do together with Project managers).
2. Organize team work for all departments. To do in cooperation with all department’s managers.
3. Daily survey of all departments. Instruct the Department’s managers on Company working space regulation. To do in cooperation with QC team.
4. Support PM on estimation process. Sensitize PM on the details of a cost construction (EX: material and production process, installation & deliveries).
Support PM on time schedule, including delays.
5. Discuss, negotiate and resolve any problem encountered on company departments.
6. Make time schedule for all departments, in accordance with PM information, and be able to spot problems and solution on overload situation. To do with department’s managers and PM. To be problem solving attitude.
7. Make sure the projects schedule are followed by the departments.
8. Make sure QC and ISO management is properly followed
9. Spot quality issues and inform the respected responsible on the daily walk-through the factory.
10. Analyze and report problems to Vice and GM and propose solutions for any problem for project and factory.
11. Organize and direct company meetings for work load situation and other related problems (suppliers, engineering, men-power)
12. Discuss with GM on priorities problem when necessary.
13. Revise cost control from PM and make sure the PM understand where and why there are mistakes. The goal is to trust PM capability on estimations and sales offers.
14. Analyze unsuccessful projects with PM and GM to spot improvements
15. Support Purchasing department and have properly manage the inventory
16. Evaluate performance of the staff and discuss promotion and/or lay-off needs