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Recruitment of architectural paint R & D director of a building material coating company in Jintan D

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21598 Architectural Paint R & D Director

company name:

Changzhou   executive search firm - Mr. Price headhunting Bel-Esprit- focus on new   chemical materials industry executive search headhunting firm
  position of their respective companies: Changzhou, Jintan Co., a building   materials

Position nature:

full time

Number of recruits:

1 person

Work area:

Changzhou City

Position monthly salary:

25000-30000 yuan

Recruitment cycle:


Gender requirements:


work experience:

More than 7 years

Academic requirements:


age requirement:

30 to 45   years old

Description of job

1. Real stone paint, water-in-water (colorful paint) R & D and team management;
2. Familiar with product development process, master formula design method;
3. Responsible for daily management of the department

Other treatment

Accommodation, working meals, social insurance, housing provident fund, annual leave

related requirements

1. More than 10 years of R & D experience in the interior and exterior coating industry of construction projects.
2. Age: 35-45 years old, college degree or above, major in chemical engineering is preferred.
3. Familiar with the future development trend of architectural engineering coatings industry.
4. Possess strong communication and coordination skills, and a good ability to analyze and solve problems

Company Profile

       The company specializes in building exterior decoration systems, and its main business is three major parts: building exterior decoration, old building exterior wall reconstruction, and city block overall facade reconstruction. In the field of exterior decoration of buildings, it has a comprehensive product system, mainly real stone paint, colorful water-in-water paint, thermal insulation decorative integrated board, and covers texture paint, reflective insulation coating, elastic flat coating and so on.