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Production Engineer

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Description Of Job Duties: 

1.Organize to participate in product design review of documents and drawings with team member to complete communication for realizing mass production; 2.Product interface deformation design according to the customer application requirement; 3.Responsible for communication and review the product design and confirm change of product for the domestic and abroad; 4.Organize activities of APQP advanced product quality planning for product localization project; 5.Assist failure analysis from aftermarket and product audit of customer; 6.Participate in the domestic and aboard order review; 1Bachelor degree is the basic Master degree is preferred ideally in mechanical or motor or automotive engineering; 2Minimum 5 years of job experience in an industrial environment is the best. If 3 years experience but excellent we will consider. 3.Good process principle knowledge of product design and process design. 4.Fluent in English is the best and at least CET-4 passed. 5.Passion for excellence under pressure.

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