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EHS Supervisor

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1. Creates a work environment which reflects a commitment to protecting the health and safety of employees. 2. Reviews internal safety policies and practices to ensure they are current and appropriate; conduct hazard and risk assessments and develop new or where necessary make recommendation to senior management to amend safety policies and procedures. 3. Develops and provides technical and administrative direction on all safety and health policies and programs which bear critical importance to overall corporate objectives operations and profitability of the various divisions. 4. Prepares appropriate training programs relating to safety operations and practices in the plant. 5. Works jointly and collaboratively with operations to improve operational efficiencies and reduce Health and Safety related costs. 6. Develops an accident investigation program to prevent recurrence of incidents and to ensure information on incidents is shared adequately across all locations. Revise procedures as appropriate. 7. Perform safety audits and inspect facilities machinery and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards and to ensure safety regulation compliance. 8. Directs implementation of strategies to effectively resolve Health and Safety issues. 9. Actively participates in the scheduling of safety meeting to review safety performance and policies. 10. Provide regular written reports as well as other production-related results and updates to of the senior management team periodically to apprise the team of issues or as requested by the team. 11. Investigates and evaluates new safety equipment for appropriateness. 12. Responds and provides assistance to all emergency situations. 13. Conduct the departments overall objectives on the environment occupational health and safety. 14. Responsible for continuous improvement of the environment occupational health and safety to meet related laws and regulations.

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