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E-R & D Manager for intelligent technology listed companies

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Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the technical development and management of the electronic R & D department;
2. Understand the industry development trends and related new technologies;
3. Responsible for technical communication and exchange with external units;
4. Organize the learning of R & D personnel and be responsible for R & D personnel evaluation
1, electronics, instrumentation, automation, mechatronics class degree or above, more than 5 years working experience in electronic product development, product circuit can be independently developed;
2, proficient ST and ARM microcontroller or ST32 Renesas development, proficient in analog and digital circuit design, strong understanding of electronic product testing;
3. Familiar with circuit schematics, proficient in drawing software, can independently perform graphic layout;
4. Proficient in assembly or C language development Independently complete the software, hardware circuit related design, development, analysis and testing of embedded systems;
5. Developers who are proficient in a certain host computer software are preferred.